Friday, 24 January 2020

What's in store for us...

Good morning friends...or afternoon, evening, night, wherever you are in the world. It's Friday and that means two things: one, the weekend is almost here and two, Jordan is home again! Yay! The kids were a lot calmer this week upon Jordan's return, so that suggests to me that they've already adapted to this new routine, which is a relief. I had a few things to tell Jordan when he got home though because lately, Vala has been asking for all sorts of things that she'd previously not talked about at all. They're all things Jordan and I are working towards this year and so, I thought I'd fill you all in on what's (potentially) in store for us this year (and next).

The first of Vala's requests was made after she saw me packing away a bunch of Flynn's old baby toys. She asked me why I was getting rid of them and I told her that I was putting them away in the cupboard so that if daddy and I ever decide to have another baby, they can play with them. She then asked me if there was a baby in my tummy, to which I said no. Then came the question that all parents dread; "Where do you babies come from?" Or in Vala's case, she asked how babies get in my tummy. I laughed nervously to myself and thought of the most child-friendly way to explain conception. I told her "mummy has a teeny tiny egg inside of her and daddy has a teeny tiny seed inside of him and when mummy and daddy want a baby, daddy gives mummy his little seed so it can climb inside her little egg and grow into a baby." She appeared to understand because she compared it to a tree starting out as a seed and growing into a tree. That's also when she turned around and asked if daddy could give me the seed tonight because she wants a baby sister. I couldn't not laugh at that request. Not a malicious laugh but more of a nervous, someone help me, kinda laugh. I explained that mummy and daddy aren't ready for another baby just yet but that later in the year we might be ready. That is because Jordan and I are planning on trying for baby number three in the second half of the year. I'm trying (and failing) to get my body in a healthier state before then but sometime after June, we're probably going to look at trying. That means 2021 will hopefully bring a new bundle of joy with it. Hopefully a baby girl because since that night, Vala has asked me for a baby sister almost every day.

The next thing she asked for, really took me by surprise; more so than the request for a baby. I was doing her homework with her last night and part of it required her to create a world she would want to live in. So I asked her, what type of world would she like to live in? Her response? "This is our old house, I want to go and live in our new house." I have no idea how she made the jump from create your own world to moving houses but somehow she got there and I had to explain to her that we don't have a new house and that this isn't our old house, it's our current house. She got really sad that we didn't have a new house and honestly, I couldn't understand how she got the idea in her head that we did. Every time Jordan and I have talked about moving or buying a house, it's been at night after the the kids had gone to bed. Also, Jordan and I have mentioned moving house maybe once or twice this year, so it's not like it's something she has heard us talk about a lot recently. I tried to explain that buying a new house costs a lot of money and that one reason why Jordan has taken this new job and is away from us for three days is so we can save more money to buy a house. She frowned at me and asked if we could go buy a house on Sunday instead then. I chuckled and asked her how much she thought buying a house cost. "Umm, 10p?" she responded. Bless kids and their innocent ignorance. I did my best to explain to her how much a house would cost to buy. Her jaw dropped when I told her how much but she still didn't seem to understand that, that amount of money would take a long time to save up and so when Jordan got home, she started asking him if we could go buy a house because she wanted a new house. It's no secret that getting a house has been on our cards for a while but around the same time that we decide to start trying again, Jordan is going to approach his parents to work out an arrangement similar to the original deal we had with them. That deal was a split mortgage. Even with Jordan's new job that pays 9.5k more annually than his old job, the mortgage he can get on his own, without me working, just isn't enough. We'd either have to wait at least five years for me to finish uni and get a full time teaching job or we could just swallow our pride for the sake of the kids and ask for the original deal to be reconsidered. I won't go into it blindly though. After everything that happened last year with the house drama, if they do agree to help us get a foot on the property ladder, it'd be on our terms, not theirs. If they're not ok with that then Jordan and I will just look to getting a bigger rental because we will need a bigger place for the growing family and we will continue to save and look to buying again when I'm employed. I'm hoping though, that we can reach an agreement with his parents because I just want my kids to have a stable home and if I have to swallow my pride to do that, then I will.

Phew, this post has ended up a bit long again; much like all my posts lately. I'll wrap it up by saying the other thing Vala has been asking for lately is a puppy. I'll take full responsibility for that. I've been saying to Jordan how much I want a puppy every time we've see one. However, a puppy won't be on the cards until we have a new place and after baby number three is older. In other words, not for a long while yet. It is on the cards though. Jordan and I have the goal of conceiving this year, moving house (either owned or leased) before baby arrives and then looking at getting a little pup a year or two after that. That is what's in store for us at this point in time. I also plan on starting uni in October so I have that to look forward to as well.

All in all, we're hoping that 2020 is a big year of change for our family. Jordan starting this new job in the first month has already provided a big change for our family but we not planning on stopping there. New baby, new house, new uni course....come on 2020, let's do this!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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