Monday, 6 January 2020

New Years Resolutions 2020.

I am definitely late with my annual new years resolutions blog post but better late than never right? I mean, it's not the best given what one of my resolutions is but we're still only in the first week of January so I'm not going to get things perfect straight away. But, as you may have noticed, I wrote ONE of my resolutions because once again, I have more than one new years resolution - because having multiple has worked so well for me in the past.

Getting more organised.

This is why I said me being late to write this post isn't the best. For someone who's biggest resolution this year is to be more organised, starting the year off being late isn't a good start. I won't dwell on it though, I'm still trying to find my feet at the moment. 2020 came so fast, I wasn't prepared for it. More on the resolution though - Jordan is starting a new Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm job and that means our family will FINALLY have stability! Stability means we'll actually be able to create routines for ourselves as a family and individually. This is why I want to get more organised. We can have a proper set dinner time now and so I want to go heavy with meal planning and I want and take active steps to getting our family living a healthier lifestyle. With the new job, we'll also be able to dedicate set date nights for Jordan and I, family trips out on the weekend and days/times where I can go and exercise either at the gym, pool or just going for a walk. Our family has needed stability, routine and organisation for years but Jordan's shift work made it hard to plan things or get organised. My biggest resolution this year is to get that routine, structure and stability that our family so desperately needs. I'm ready to get more organised!

Lose weight.

This is a resolution I've had for multiple consecutive years and each year I end up getting fatter. This year WILL be different though as I've been informed of an issue with my liver. We don't know the actual cause of that yet but the doctor was fairly certain it will be related to my weight. Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is what they're suspecting but I've not heard back about my test results. Chronic hepatitis was ruled out which was expected but I've not heard anything regarding the Autoimmune Liver Screen or the ultrasound so I can't say for certain that it's Fatty Liver. Regardless of what the cause is, losing weight will still help the liver recover. If it is Fatty Liver, losing 10% of my current weight will help my liver start repairing itself. So that's the plan. Losing 10% of my current weight is my first goal. I obviously need to lose a lot more than that and I fully intend to lose more but 10% is my starting goal. Jordan and I have been talking about trying for baby number 3 at some point and I definitely want to be at a lower weight when we do decide to start trying. It's going to hard but with Jordan's new job resulting in us finally having stability and structure, I feel like I will actually be able to accomplish this resolution this year. Fingers crossed at least.

Start University.

Starting a university degree is something I've been wanting to do for years but for financial reasons, I've always put it off. I wanted to make sure my family wouldn't be financially burdened by me starting uni. Now, once again thanks to Jordan's new job, I can confidently say that Uni is on the cards for this year. His new job pays significantly more than his old one so I know our family should be fine financially. I'll be looking at starting in October as I've missed the enrolment deadline for February. That's fine though because Jordan will have a probation period at his new job so things could still change over the next three months. For now we're making plans and I'm looking into my options. I know what uni course I want to do and now I'm looking towards the long term future regarding study and an eventual career. I'm really excited to start university finally and hopefully nothing goes wrong in the next few months to jeopardise that. Another fingers crossed resolution. 

Learn to drive.

This was actually a resolution I set myself in 2018 but clearly never accomplished. I honestly thought I'd start learning last year but again, never got around to it. The closest I got was getting my learners license but then Jordan promptly lost it a month later. He still hasn't replaced it yet. How did he lose it you might ask? I gave it to him when he went to collect a parcel for me. Somewhere on that trip out, he managed to lose both my license as well as his own. He reordered his license because he needed it for this new job but we've held off reordering mine until the most expensive months of the year have passed. Jordan also won't be using his car as much with this new job as three days a week he gets to work from home, so I'll have more opportunity to learn to drive in our family car because he won't always have it. He has suggested I learn to drive this year since he won't need the car as much and I honestly want to try. I still have my anxiety when in the car but I'm going to have to face those fears and overcome them at some point. 

Get better with money.

I'm turning 30 this year and it's pathetic that I've not learned to handle my money responsibly sooner. As I stated in my last post, I still have credit card debt which needs to be reduce or cleared. My savings is also pretty dismal if I'm being honest. A year ago I opened a Help To Save account which I can deposit a maximum £50 into a month but has a nice return on it and I've managed to deposit every single month. That savings account is growing slowly but nicely. However, after last years house drama, Jordan and I wanted to get more seriously about our savings so we can buy a house and so he opened a lifetime ISA and I opened a Help To Buy ISA. In total I have now have three savings accounts; two for saving for a house (and wedding) and the other is a rainy day savings account for emergencies. I would love to manage my money better this year and stop wasting a lot of it on crap we don't need like take outs and non-essential material purchases. So my final resolution this year is to get better with my money; to save more and get my debt down as much as I can. Again, I think having a stable family life will help dramatically with our finances. Jordan's erratic work schedule was one reason we had so much take out in 2018 and 2019. 

So there we have it, my five new years resolutions for 2020! I made five last year and accomplished none. I'm making five again with two of them being the same (or similar) to last years. Jordan and I are working towards some big things this year and so I feel I might actually be able to accomplish some of these resolutions this year. Jordan's starting his new job next week, I plan to start uni in October, we want to move to a bigger place (rented or owned) and we're talking about expanding our family. This year has the potential to be huge for our family and I am so damn excited. The last two years have been so bleak with us living in a rut and me being plagued with depression, so I'm really looking forward to a year of positive changes. We're going into 2020 with every intention of making is amazing! Wish us luck! 

What are your new years resolutions? Have you made any this year or are you done with them altogether? I'd love to hear what you've got planned for the year. Let me know in the comments below and...

...Until next time,
Alli xo


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