Friday, 13 December 2019

Vala's 6th Birthday

Happy Friday everyone! Hope the week has treated everyone well. I'm getting this post out before a doctor's appointment today that is more than likely going to bring bad news so look out for what that's all about probably on Monday. Until then, despite it being closer to Flynn's birthday now, I'm going to talk about Vala's 6th birthday.

Unlike my birthday, which was overshadowed by family/house drama (which I AM going to write a post about I promise!) Vala's birthday was a big success. We celebrated her party the day before her actual birthday with her and her four closest friends all getting pampered and glitterfied at a local beauty salon. Vala has become a teeny bit obsessed with having her nails painted and her hair done. Shame I don't know how to do anymore than a basic ponytail. So instead of a typical six year olds party where we go to another soft play centre or wherever, we decided she could go somewhere where she and her friends could be pampered. We ended up at a place called Beauty Temple and the staff there were so lovely and accommodating to Vala and her friends. The girls had their hair braided and glittered, their nails painted and their faces glitterfied. They all looked so beautiful and sparkled like crazy. One of Vala's friends had gold glitter put in her hair and as she walked, glitter trickled off her and she left a trail of sparkles behind her. The whole party lasted a total of 45 minutes though which is much shorted than a normal party. I also wasn't allowed to bring any food in with me but the girls got complimentary cupcakes and mocktails during their treatments. After the pampering was done, I took a few of the girls around the corner to KFC for a late lunch. It wasn't the most special of places to take a group of girls that we're all sparkled up but they still enjoyed themselves anyway. In total, the party lasted a little over an hour and a half which wasn't too bad. The girls loved their make overs so much that none of them wanted to take their glitter off. Like Vala, all the girls slept in their braids and glitter overnight.

That lead us to Vala's actual birthday. She woke up with her braid still mostly in tact but a little messy and half her face glitter missing. Her bed was super sparkly though. We did have a minor upset in the morning however as Vala snuck out of her bedroom while daddy, Flynn and myself were still sleeping and she slightly opened all her presents so she could see what was inside. I was not happy at all. I'd waited months to see her reaction to these presents and she went and opened them without us. She was apologetic but it makes me worry about what she'll do Christmas morning. We managed to get that negative moment behind us though and I surprised Vala with a trip to the cinema where we watched Frozen 2. She absolutely loved it! I did as well. Word of warning, if you're an emotional sap like I am, take tissues with you if you're going to see it. The cinema was packed but we still managed to end up with some of the best seats in the place. We had a great time. We had dinner at home as Vala wanted her favourite dinner.... pasta with (pasta) sauce. She hates meat with her pasta so we literally just cook some pasta and coat it with Dolmio. It's not the greatest meal ever but it's her favourite and it's what she wanted. Overall, the day went really well. Vala loved her presents and her Frozen surprise. She had a great weekend and it made us so happy to see her happy.

Now with mine and Vala's birthdays out the way, we've got Flynn's to focus on in a week. So many birthdays, so little time.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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