Monday, 16 December 2019

My Diagnosis.

Happy Monday everyone! It's a chilly one today so I hope you're all keeping warm. I mentioned the other day that I had to have my annual blood test to check for type 2 diabetes (due to have gestational diabetes with Flynn) and that the doctor requested an appointment to discuss my results. I was worried that meant my results came back positive. Well, I had my appointment on Friday and....

...I DON'T have type 2 diabetes! According to my results, my haemoglobin was 34 mmol/mol and anything under 42 mmol/mol is considered to be non-diabetic. So I was well under which was a huge relief. But why did the doctor request to see me if the results were negative? Well, that is because they also did a liver function test on my bloods, which wasn't part of the screening last year and as it turns out, my liver isn't doing ok. Whilst I don't understand all the number mumbo jumbo, my results read...

AST serum level 45 u/L [0.0 -30.0]
Above high reference limit
Serum alanine aminotransferase level 85 u/L [0/0-35.0]
Above high reference limit

So again, I don't understand exactly what that means but I don't have to be a doctor to know that those numbers are a lot higher than they should be. The doctor (and I) suspects the cause is by too much fat in and around my liver, which is a very fair assumption given my weight. However, procedure dictates that we do more tests to rule out any other possibilities. So, on Christmas Eve I am having a second round of blood tests. This time they'll be testing for liver disease and Hepatitis. The thought of being tested for those did scare me at first but I know both are unlikely. My bloods were clear of Hepatitis when I was tested during my pregnancy with both kids and my blood has not come into contact with anyone else's blood since Flynn was born so it's extremely unlikely that I'll have Hepatitis. I obviously can't say much on the liver disease but again, the doctor says it's unlikely. I am extremely overweight and the likely cause is NAFLD (Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease) also known as Fatty Liver. Along with my blood test, I also have to have a scan of my liver to check the condition of it; how much fat is in my liver and is there any scarring? I don't have a date for the ultrasound yet but I'm going to assume either after christmas or in the new year.

Either way, the solution to my liver issue is pretty much just lifestyle change. I need to be more active and eat a more healthy diet and with time, my liver will start to repair itself. Livers a great like that aren't they. Everything I've read has said losing roughly 10% of your body weight can be enough for your liver to recover and that's my first goal for the new year. I've been banging on for multiple years now about how badly I want to lose weight but I always give up and fall back into old habits. Well, now I actually have a serious reason to lose the weight. If I don't, my liver will only get worse and my chances of developing type 2 diabetes greatly increases. So losing 10% of my body weight is my first weight loss goal. Surprisingly, that's actually less than what my first weight loss goal was, the last time I tried to diet. It is totally doable and I'm more determined than ever to lose this damn weight. I've started making plans and hope to start a new diet and lifestyle change in the new year. I want to start now and to extent, I have started making some changes, but I want to wait for the rest of the test results and to see what the doctor says before I commit to any major changes.

I'm excited to make this change, I just wish I was making it under less serious circumstances.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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