Friday, 6 December 2019

I went afk again.

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I am so sorry but I did it again...I went afk for a while. A lot has happened since I last blogged but there has also been A LOT of drama as well which has really triggered my mood into a downward spiral. I won't talk about everything in great length in the post, I'll elaborate in other posts but to summarize...

... I had a birthday, I'm now 25 and 48 months! Aka 29 years old! Vala also had a birthday and is now a big 6 year old. We had a great party and magical birthday for her. We have had major house drama! Jordan's in-laws didn't just offer to help us buy a place, they literally gave us no choice and then poop hit the fan when we tried to have an opinion on the matter. There's a lot to that story. I had my annual blood test ti check for type 2 diabetes (which I have to have done due to having gestational diabetes with Flynn). Unfortunately, the gp has arranged an appointment with me to discuss my results; something they only usually do if the results are positive. My appointment is next week but I'm expecting life changing bad news. The drama and potential bad news has broken me and I've fallen back into a depressed state; we're hoping to get me into CBT in the future. Vala also had her christmas play and we attended the blessings of two of my beautiful nieces.

So, lots of good and bad things have happened in less than a month. It's been extremely overwhelming. I'll break diem most of these into separate posts as there's a lot to unpack here. Still to come, we've got mine and Jordan's anniversary,  Flynn's 2nd birthday, Christmas and of course my traditional New Years Resolution post. I think 2019 is going to end on a rocky, low point but 2020 has the potential for some massive changes for myself and my family. All we can do is wait and see.

Until next time,
Alli x


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