Friday, 8 November 2019

A sickly 2019 Halloween

Happy Friday everyone!

Oddly, I thought I'd write about Halloween today seeing as how I was blogging at all last month. It won't be a very long post because in a nutshell, we didn't really get to celebrate Halloween.

The final week of October saw our hit with a really bad stomach virus. For most of us, it was thankfully just a 24 hour bug but unfortunately for Flynn, it ended up being a week long ordeal. It started with Flynn waking up vomiting in his cot first thing on Saturday 26th and then again in the afternoon all over me, the sofa and the carpet. He was then fine again come Sunday afternoon so we took the kids into town to enjoy the Spooktacular event being held in the market square. Vala was stroppy the whole time because a giant plastic pumpkin head that you take photos in was too scary for her. Flynn loved it though as you can see from this photo. With Vala stropping, we decided to go get some dinner and ended up having a really nice meal at TGI Friday's as a family. That was until 1:30am Monday morning when Flynn threw up in his cot again. We stayed up til 3am with him before it was safe for us all to sleep again. He wasn't sick from Monday afternoon onward so we thought he was recovering.

Then Wednesday morning came and we awoke to more vomit. Only this time it had come from Vala and not Flynn. She had thrown up in her bed in the middle of the night and then again on the living room floor in the morning. Wednesday is also the day my stomach started to hurt. Come evening, Vala was feeling absolutely fine again but it was my turn to start being sick. Thankfully, I only threw up once and managed to get it in the sick bucket and not in my bed or all over the floor. I was back to feeling 85% come Thursday morning but then it was Jordan's turn and he was sent home from work after being sick in the toilet. Then Flynn threw up again in the evening. So that was both Jordan and Flynn sick on Halloween but both feeling/acting fine come Friday. Jordan even went back to work on Friday and Flynn's appetite had returned. Until Saturday when Flynn threw up AGAIN literally 10 minutes before we were due to take Vala to swimming lessons. Jordan took her and I stayed home with our sickly boy again, just as I had all week. Seriously, in the whole week, I'd only left the house once! Since it'd had been a whole week of Flynn being on/off sick, we took him to a walk in doctor and after a 2 hour wait, was told that Flynn is fine and it's just taking longer for him to get over the sickness because the rest of us being sick was probably reinfecting him. It's now six days later and I am very happy to report that no one has been sick since. Even Flynn is back to his healthy self. I've finally managed to get the vomit smell out of our house as well.

So that was how we spent our Halloween. The kids did get dressed up on Thursday before Jordan came home from work and we did get out for a little in the morning but we didn't get to go up to Jordan's parents and cut up pumpkins like we do every year and the kids didn't get their "bucket of treats" from their Nonna. They'll get them eventually but sadly Halloween 2019 was a very sickly one for all of us.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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