Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Year One!

It's not Oneday but it is Tuesday haha! Yes, I know it's not a normal blog day and that I missed one yesterday but that is because I couldn't blog about this subject yesterday as it didn't happen until today. The subject I'm on about is Vala returning to school and starting Year One!

I wanted to wait until she had returned from school today so I could tell you all about how her first day went but so far, all I've managed to get out of her is that she had a great day, she loves school and that her teacher read them THREE stories today. I mean, that's more information than I used to get out of her when she was in reception I guess. She did look so grown up today though, standing in front of our garden fence, posing for her "first day of year one" photo (pictured). She looked even more grown up when we got to her classroom though. This year, they have tables to sit and learn at as well as mat, whereas in reception they would have lessons on the mat and then play at activity tables. The teachers said that eventually they'll have allocated seats but for now they can sit anywhere. I reckon this is so they can work out which kids are gonna talk, mess about together and not concentrate and sit them accordingly. For today though, Vala sat with her best friend Lacey and her other friend Lacey. Yes, she has two friends named Lacey in her class which doesn't get confusing at all haha. Seeing the girls sitting at the big tables, ready for class to start felt so surreal. They looked small at the tables but also so grown up.

This just in, Vala has piped up behind me as I type this; she says they also had PE today and that she did some writing and "learned about maths." She also said they had lunch and played on the top playground. So, getting a little more out of her it seems. I can't wait to see what she learns and picks up in the coming weeks. I fully expect we'll be getting spelling homework soon enough. I'm both excited for that and dreading it. Vala can turn a reading practice from lovely to painful in a matter of seconds when she gets frustrated over a single word. I can only imagine spelling will get a similar response out of her. Still, I look forward to see her spelling come along and improving over the course of the year.

She's very happy to be back and school and I think the rest of us are as well. She was getting a bit difficult in the last week with more tantrums than normal. Flynn's routine had also been majorly disrupted over the holidays and he was definitely ready for things to return to normal. He napped for four and a quarter hours today! I had to wake him for lunch. Will take a little bit for us all to get back into the swing of things but we're all really happy that the new school year has started. Welcome to year one Vala!

Until next time,
Alli xo
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