Thursday, 22 August 2019


Hey everyone, I know today is my normal post day but I missed a whole week of posts last week, so I kinda want to try and make them up when I can. This will be a short post though because I want to talk about Vlogging.

I have been watching a few family vloggers lately and honestly, I have been considering starting a family vlog channel of my own. I discussed the idea with Jordan and he was all for it as well. We've got a channel name but that's as far as we've gotten so far. We'd need to get a lot of things sorted like channel art, channel description, maybe an intro and outro for our videos etc and we've not done any of that yet. That's mainly because we've been so busy these school holidays but that's also where I feel we've already failed. We have had so much on these holidays that we had plenty of content to film/make. I wanted to get the channel up and running before Vala returned from her trip away, so that we could record/vlog our trip to Manchester and to the confetti room and the beach etc. But we didn't get it done and didn't record much while doing all of those things. I think one of the reasons we didn't record much was because we don't have the right equipment for vlogging. We'd be using my phone and the film quality wouldn't be great. I don't have a tripod for my phone and the audio would be very poor and even too noisy in some places. Jordan and I have been weighing up the idea of vlogging for about a month now and have decided that IF we do go ahead with it, we want to do it properly; all or nothing so to speak. If we do it, we'll get a proper camera to vlog with. One with better sound and picture quality than our phones and definitely one with a tripod. We currently have our eyes set on two vlogger kits (pictured) that we've seen but it neither are cheap. I can get either of them on Littlewoods and pay for it with monthly instalments so it won't be as bad for us financially but at the same time, because it is so much money, monthly payments or not, we have to be sure that we'd get tonnes of use out of it and actually use it for the reason we bought it. For that reason, we're still in the undecided stage and weighing everything up. I'll keep you posted about whether or not we go ahead with our vlog channel and I'll post a link to it if and when we get it running.

As I said, short post today to make up for one of the absent posts last week. I really want to start a vlog channel but guess we'll wait and see.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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