Monday, 12 August 2019

Vala's home!!!

Happy Monday everyone! I am very sorry for the lack of posts last week, I kinda just wanted to take a break from everything and just have a little bit of me time. I pretty much just rested up, did some adulting (got housework done) and gamed a little as well. I'll try and make up a few posts for you but until then....

...Vala's home!!! That's right, we got our beautiful Vala Bug home on Saturday evening and I made sure to get in plenty of cuddles. The week she was away at her dads, he made her video call us every day and she always seemed kinda sad. She was usually in her pjs with unbrushed hair and she'd tell us she'd been playing video games. She never seemed her usual bubbly self. She always told us she missed us too. The second week she was away, she stayed with her Nanna and we didn't hear from her once. She never called but her Nanna messaged me every couple of days to tell me how she was and to share some photos with me. Yesterdays photo (and the one featured here) was taken by her Nanna at a petting zoo. Vala had so much fun with her Nanna, uncles, aunts and cousins. She was happy and was kept so busy that she didn't feel the need to call us. She talked about us a lot  though apparently. I missed her but didn't need her to call because I knew it meant she was happy and having a great time.

I was a little upset to hear that Vala wasn't in the best condition when her Nanna picked her up from her dads though. Apparently, she was "a little bit manky" and she had a shower soon after getting to her Nanna's. Her clothes hadn't been washed either and were scrunched up and shoved into her bag. They were dirty, smelly and "manky" and all had to be washed upon arrival at her Nanna's. She ended up borrowing some of her cousins clothes until hers were clean and dry. Good thing she has a cousin who's only 3 months older than her and wears the same size clothes. I was disappointed that it appeared she'd not had a good time at her dads. She says she did but said she didn't do anything while at his and her calling every time would suggest she was bored and homesick. Plus the manky condition she apparently was in, also makes me a little angry. I'm glad that she went to her dads first and got to end her trip away on a massive high rather than having a great week at her Nanna's and then ending her trip feeling bored and low at her dads doing nothing.

Either way, she's home now and we've got a lot of fun lined up over the next few weeks and I'm excited to have this family time. Jordan's off for 2 weeks so this is gonna be great!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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