Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Monthly Challenge: August

Another month has reached it's end and with the end of this month, also comes the end of the school holidays (almost). I had set myself a challenge to accomplish these holidays and sadly, I didn't even get close. I had really hoped to get myself into a healthy routine in regards to sleep, diet and exercise but I am no better now than I was before the school break.

I thought with Vala away, I'd have plenty of time to reset my body clock and start going to bed at a decent time. I'd hoped to make a dent into becoming a morning person so I could start getting up naturally around 7am, having a healthy breakfast and actually maintaining a beauty routine (washing face, moisturising, putting on make-up etc). It didn't happen though. I also wanted to go swimming with Flynn twice a week while Vala was away but I didn't do that either. In my defence though, the second week Aunt Flow arrived so even if I had all the motivation in the world, I still wouldn't have gone swimming. The first week though, I had just wanted to relaxed and give my body some much needed rest. That's when I started my 100 Baby Challenge in the Sims 4.

So I wasn't getting up at 7am, I wasn't eating properly and I certainly didn't have a beauty routine to even maintain but what about my exercise? At first, I wasn't any better with that but then last week we were kept so busy that I was always on my feet, walking around. I was racking up the miles for my Race at your Pace 65 mile walking challenge. I wouldn't say it was a routine though. So all in all, I didn't do anything that I said I would do this month and I am disappointed in myself for that. I had hoped to better myself but I'm exactly the same as last month. I'll get it right eventually I guess, it's just a matter of when?

Until next time,
Alli xo


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