Monday, 19 August 2019

Manchester Trip.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Hope you had great weekend as well. We definitely had a great weekend and that's because we travelled out to visit my aunt and uncle who live in Manchester.

I've not seen my aunt, uncle and two cousins in over two years; I was 14 weeks pregnant with Flynn the last time I saw them, so a lot has changed in that time. Obviously, I'd had Flynn and they were yet to meet him but also, my cousin Stef has recently given birth to her first bubba. Little Edward, or Eddie as he is called, is 8 weeks now and an absolute chunk with a wild head of hair that literally wont stay down; it's incredible and so soft and fluffy. I got to enjoy some wonderful cuddles with him and he even fell asleep on me which came as a shock to my cousin as apparently he rarely falls asleep on anyone who isn't mum or dad. What can I say? I have a way with babies haha.

Aside from meeting little Eddie, we actually spent the night at my aunt and uncles. We arrived Saturday afternoon and got home yesterday evening. It was surreal for us because we realised it was the first we'd ever stayed over anywhere as a family. Jordan and I have crashed places before but never with the kids and not since Flynn was born. We were all packed into one bedroom with Jordan and I in a super comfy double bed, Vala on a blow up bed on the floor and Flynn in his new travel cot (bought specifically for this trip). It felt weird staying over but also really nice. We all felt very comfortable and very at home there but admittedly I was feeling a tad more self-conscious about my weight than normal; especially about my bingo wing arms. Despite my personal insecurities, I had a great time. The kids and Jordan had a great time too and my aunt and uncle apparently loved having us. They couldn't get over how much Vala had grown and changed since they last saw her and they absolutely fell in love with Flynn. He's a charmer and he definitely had them wrapped around his little fingers.

All in all, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend staying with my relatives and we've promised not to let another 2 years go by between visits. I do hope we get to go back and visit soon but with everyone's chaotic schedules, I think it'll probably be Eddie's first birthday before we get over there again. Will  definitely be worth it though, to have more of the fun times we experienced this weekend.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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