Friday, 23 August 2019

Beach Fun

Hey-ho, it's Friday! The weekend is tantalisingly close now. I hope the week has treated you all well. As the title tells you, yesterday we did end up going to the beach instead of the Ice-Cream farm as the weather was shaping up to be almost perfect.

By almost perfect, the weather was warm and mostly sunny but there was quite a bit of wind. Everything kept blowing over but ultimately, it didn't dampen our moods. Vala's already been to the beach once these holidays so she was just happy to go again, Flynn however, this was his first ever time at a beach. The look of amazement on his face and his shrieks of excitement as we reached the top of the hill, looking down on the beach, were too cute. We let him out the stroller as we reached the sand and literally, the first thing he did was lay down in it and roll around. He kept grabbing the sand and playing with it, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. He was totally in his element with the huge area to run around in and the sand to play, roll and dig in. We dug a hole and he climbed in it. We built sandcastles and he stomped on them. Smiling the whole time. He was so happy. I didn't think anything would make him happier until I took him to the water. He is water obsessed and even though the ocean was quite chilly, it didn't stop him throwing himself in. He splashed and kicked and sat in the sea. He was shivering but refused to get out. He stayed in the water for half an hour before we were finally able to coax him out with food. I spent the first 20 minutes in the water with him and Vala. Whilst he splashed, Vala and I collected shells to decorate sandcastles with. Eventually, Jordan and I switched places though and he spent the next 10 minutes trying to get Flynn to come get warm.

We came prepared this time, with snacks abound! After our paddle in the sea, we wrapped Flynn up in a blanket, cuddled up to me and enjoyed something to eat. After that we got back to building sandcastles and decorating them with the shells Vala and I collected. We found so many and even kept a couple of the prettiest ones. I'm thinking about maybe getting a small glass jar/bottle to put the smalls shells into for Vala to have a keepsake of our day. Honestly, I think collecting the shells with Vala was my favourite part of the whole day. It was so much fun. It was something so simple that we could both do but finding all the different types of shells and seeing the pretty colours and patterns on them just made us both happy. I even found a full size oyster shell! The biggest downside, for me, was my weight. I still had a great day but every time I tried to get more involved with something, my weight held me back. I loved looking for shells but struggled to bend down to pick them up. I found sitting on the sand uncomfortable in most positions so helping build the sandcastles ended up being more difficult for me than it should've been. I even struggled with digging the hole once it reached a certain depth. It was upsetting me because even though I wasn't thinking about my weight, my weight was a prominent issue that I couldn't ignore. I did cry about it once we got back to the car sadly. It's good though because struggling like I did just gives me more motivation to work harder at my diet.
A diet that I ignored completely yesterday. We were at the beach, of course we went and had fish n chips. Although, I had chicken nuggets and chips because I don't like fish. Flynn force fed Jordan more chips than he ate himself and Vala was only interested in having ice-cream so getting her to eat her dinner was a real struggle too. We got there in the end though.

My weight aside, I had a great time yesterday; we all did. The kids tuckered themselves right out and Flynn was asleep in the car within 10 minutes of setting off. I wish we didn't live 2 hours away from the beach because I'd love to be able to take the kids more often. Going once every summer isn't enough but a 4 hour round trip means a visit to the beach has to be an all-day thing rather than just an hour of two for some fun. We've already done quite a bit of travelling these holidays (Dropping off/Picking up Vala, visiting family in Manchester, the beach yesterday) and we've still got a bit to go. Tomorrow we're off to visit our friends who live 2 hours south of us. We're finally going to meet baby Logan and we can't wait! Look out for the post about how that trip goes, on Monday.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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