Monday, 8 July 2019

Vala's Sports Day 2019

Hi all! Sorry again for missing yet another post. This is the one that was supposed to come out Friday, however I was out the entire day and obviously, never got time to sit down and write it but here we go...

Friday was Vala's second ever Sports Day at school. It should've been her third but last years was cancelled due to heat. This year they also had less races for the kids to do despite splitting the classes sports days over 2 days this time. Vala's first year they had 5 races with every class from reception (3 classes) and year one (2 classes) taking part. This year the year one joined the year twos on Thursday leaving just the three reception classes on Friday. Despite less kids, they still only did three races. A normal running race in which Vala came second last but still ran like an absolute champion. They also had an egg and spoon race which Vala came fourth in and only dropped the egg twice. Most of the other kids in her race held the egg on the spoon and ran with it, therefore just running a normal race but Vala and the few that finished after her all ran the race properly; balancing the egg on their spoons. It was only the final race; the balance a bean bag on your head race, that Vala "cheated" at. I don't think the kids understood the concept of balance as 95% of them, Vala included, all held the bean bags on their heads and ran with them. Vala came in second during that final race and was so proud to show off the awesome stickers she'd got from each race. I was proud of her too. I didn't care what place she came in, so long as she showed good sportsmanship and had fun. Vala can be a very sore loser so it was good to see that she had fun and didn't have a strop when she didn't win.

After all the kids had run their races (of which Flynn really wanted to join in with), the teachers held a couple bonus races for us. The first one was a toddler race where all the little ones who'd been patiently watching, could have a go. I thought it was perfect for Flynn who'd been wanting to run about so much. I got him to the start line and he threw a paddy! He didn't want to move. We got a few steps passed the line and then he just went dead weight on me and sat on the ground. I gave him a bit of encouragement and waited to see if he'd get back up and follow the other toddlers and their mums who were cruising off ahead but he was having none of it. So, in the end, I had to pick him up and carry him to the finish line. Naturally, we came in last (5th) but he still got a 3rd place sticker. After that they had a dad's race and then a mums race. I didn't participate in the mums race though as I felt doing the toddler race was enough for me.... mainly because I didn't have to run it. Maybe next year, if I manage to shed quite a few pounds, I'll feel brave enough to try joining in the mums race. We'll see though.

To celebrate Vala doing so well and because the weather was so amazing, we spent the afternoon/evening at the park and treated the kids to McDonalds. This is why we got home so late and why I didn't get the post out on time. I plan on putting "todays" post out tomorrow for you so I'm back on schedule.

Until tomorrow,
Alli xo


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