Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Vala's last day of reception.

The time has come to say goodbye,
Each day has been filled with fun,
Always extremely busy,
But our time together is done.
We have read such a lot of stories,
And sang many a different song,
From start to finish, so many different weeks,
What an adventure we've been along.
Going home covered in paint,
Or being top to toe in mud,
The endless choice of activities,
Has simply been so good.
But now the time has come,
We really must say goodbye,
Onto your next adventure,
I must let you spread your wings and fly.

Happy and bittersweet hump day everyone! This was the poem I received from Vala on her last day of reception. It's about her teachers saying goodbye and her moving on to the next year. I know it's just a generic poem, given to all the kids but yet it still feels so personal and it's broken down to tears. I knew today was Vala's last day and that she wouldn't have these teachers again, but seeing the words "The time has come to say goodbye", "our time together is done" and the last line of "I must let you spread your wings and fly" just broke me down to this blubbering mess. It just feels so final, like she'll never see them again.

She has done so well this year and her school report was glowing. She's grown so much and learned so much and my heart is full of pride. I can't thank her teachers enough; Miss Martin, Mrs Smith and Miss Bingley for everything they've done for Vala this school year. I had really hoped to get a photo of Vala with her teachers, just like I did on her last day of nursery but sadly all three where in various locations as the students were allowed to come home early due to the heat today. Pick up was madness and I didn't even get chance to personally thank her teachers for all the time and care they took with Vala. We gave them all presents this morning on behalf of Vala and myself but I really wanted to personally thank them when things weren't so hectic. Miss Martin especially as she worked ao hard with Vala and accommodated for her Delayed Processing in her lessons. Vala made so many wonderful memories and many new friends this year and whilst we're sad the classes have been split for the next school, both Vala and I are excited to see what the new class, new teachers and new friends will bring for her. Goodbye Diamonds 3 class. Hello Summer!


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