Monday, 29 July 2019

Summer holiday struggles

Good morning everyone. Monday is upon us and I definitely have the Mondayitis bug today. Not that I actually have to do anything that I'd normally do on a Monday, like the school runs, but I have a bad case of Mondayitis nonetheless.

We are on day three of Vala being away and I had said in a previous post that I wanted to be really proactive in terms of getting back to plan with my weight-loss and increasing my fitness etc but so far, I've not managed to do any of that. Not surprising. Saturday and Sunday it never stopped raining and since I've been dealing with the cold bug that Jordan gave me, I really didn't want to get outside in the rain. Today is mucu nicer; there's plenty of blue skies, the temperature is warm but I still don't want to go out. I just feel rough and really tired. Flynn being up is the only reason I'm awake right now. I think I'm sorta at the tail end of this cold now but still just rough enough that I want to stay in bed and sleep all day. I haven't slept well all weekend. Including last night, where I came to bed at 9pm because I was shattered but then didn't fall asleep until about 2am and then woke periodically between 2am and 4:30am. Jordan then got up at 6am for work which woke me as well, so today I'm feeling very tired and I do just want Flynn to go nap so that I can nap too.

I said today I'd get back on plan diet wise as well and stick to food optimising but I'm so tired right now that I can't even be bothered to do that. I just want toast and coffee right now and I'm not in the mood to cook a big lunch at all. I also really want chocolate right now. I've been craving a Milky bar since last night. I said that when I started back on the Slimming World plan, I wanted to try and go at least two weeks without eating chocolate. I can have chocolate on Slimming World but it's my trigger food. I've been a chocoholic for as long as I can remember and I couldn't ever just have a little bit. So if I'm going to over-indulge every time I have chocolate, I'd rather just allow myself to have it every other week or once a week or whatever. That's not a Slimming World rule, it's a me rule. I'm trying to have some self control.

So yeah, I'm supposed to working hard and focusing on my diet and exercise but I am already struggling. Not sure if it's the cold I'm fighting off or if it's a case of the holiday lazy's but yeah, I'm knackered, feeling lethargic and I just want to stuff my face with white chocolate before going back to bed. I am going to try and get out for a walk with Flynn later though; after his nap. Hopefully the weather holds out.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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