Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Slip, stumble, crash!

Hello everyone! It's hump day already and I am very sorry that I missed putting a post out on Monday but in my defence, my sense of days is way off at the moment. Vala had inset days on both Friday and Monday, meaning she had a four day weekend and Jordan was off work both Monday and Tuesday. I got turned around so much that I honestly thought Monday was Saturday. I also assumed yesterday was Monday when Vala returned to school. However, I'm all caught up now, I know what day we're on and I plan on putting out a post tomorrow to make up for the absence of one on Monday.

However, short post today just to touch base on how my Slimming World progress is going and in one word....bad; it's going bad. I slipped off the wagon, stumbled to find my feet but crashed hard onto the ground. Without even meaning to, I reverted back to my old habits and pretty much having kept to plan for the last week and a half. I usually allow myself a cheat day on Saturdays (the day after my weekly weigh-ins) and that pretty much just consists of me not counting my syns that day. I don't go all out, stuffing my face with everything that's bad for me, I just don't monitor myself and just have an anything goes kinda day. However, cheat Saturday carried into Sunday and then Monday and then Tuesday and before I knew it, it was Thursday and I hadn't tracked my syns or eating Syn-free/low-Syn meals and I'd reverted back to skipping meals (mainly lunch) and snacking. As a result last Friday's weigh-in saw me gain 0.2kg which bummed me out but also didn't surprise me. I vowed to be better this week but again, my sense of time has been so warped that I ended up having cheat Friday-Tuesday. I've got two more days until weigh-in and if I knuckle down today, hopefully I can prevent any further weight gain and maybe even get a maintained result. I've stocked back up on syn-free speed foods like blueberries, spinach, strawberries etc and have some Slimming World frozen ready meals to have for lunch. I want to get back on track because I'm seeing family in a month and a half from now and the last time they saw me, I was 14 weeks pregnant with Flynn and also 7kg lighter than I currently am. I want to get as close to the same weight I was when they last saw, as I can before I see them next month. With how my track record has been going with weight-loss, I'm not feeling overly optimistic but I need the kick in the backside. Hopefully this visit will be that boot for me.

I have decided though that once my 12 week membership with Slimming World is up, I probably won't renew it. Not because I don't want to continue on with Slimming World, but because I'm not really utilising the website or engaging with the online community. I'll continue to track my syns and eat a Slimming World diet but I don't see much point in paying £20 a month for an online food planner. I'll just print out some recipes and keep going on my own. Of course, I might change my mind in the next six weeks (when my membership ends), but for now I don't see much point continuing with my paid membership. Hopefully though, I can knuckle down and show much better results in the next six weeks than I have in the previous six. I just gotta stay strong and not quit on myself. Gotta kick myself into proper action. No more talking; doing!

Until next time,
Alli xo


  1. Damn, regaining is hard, especially after so much hard work. At least you have a plan for how to get back on track. Though.. have you ever thought about going low carb? I've been doing it all this year (with varying degrees of strictness) and lost 12kg so far. There's a really good book called The Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosley that turns a lot of conventional weight loss wisdom on its head, and it's working so fast and so well with me. It's not a diet per se but a way of eating, so it's really easy to stick to.

    Be warned, it does involve calorie counting. But I have come to realize that nothing is going to work for me unless I am counting and keeping track of everything I eat. There is a good website called My Fitness Pal that is good for tracking calories and macros, and it has been super valuable to me to find out exactly how many calories are in that tablespoon of olive oil on my salad or the handful of nuts that I thought was an okay snack. It's really helpful for me because I can plan things out - if I simply will not live another minute without some french fries, I can figure out how many calories and carbs are in them and make sure that I account for that in my day (by maybe skipping dinner, or eating a salad instead). It all adds up so easily otherwise.

    Aside from that, I'm finding really good recipes online at places like and I'm finding it helpful to listen to podcasts like Half Size Me and The Obesity Code to help me stay on track. We've also been pretty strict on sticking to a 16:8 or 18:6 schedule of intermittent fasting, and it's amazing how much it curbs your cravings in the long run. It's such hard work, but we can totally do it!

    1. I'm glad to hear you've found something that works for you and your total loss so far is amazing! Good job! Sadly, it won't work for me though. I pretty much live and breathe bread and pasta haha. I've also tried calorie counting and it made me so miserable and feel so restricted that I gave up after a month. Sure, I did lose a good amount while calorie counting but the whole point of me losing weight is to make me happier, not more depressed.

      Slimming World does work and will work for me, I just have to stay dedicated to it. The reason I struggle with it, is because it makes me eat more than I want to. Since high school, I've usually either skipped breakfast or had a liquid breakfast. Sometimes I'd even skip lunch or just snack at lunch time. Slimming World not only wants me eating 3 big, fibre and protein filled meals a day but it also requires me to cook most of it. I can have bacon and eggs for lunch and it be syn-free but a chicken sandwich can vary between 9-11 syns depending on the type of bread I have. I'm not the biggest fan of cooking so struggle to motivate myself to cook lunch. If I'm going to have lunch, I'd honestly rather have a sandwich or liquid lunch. Both of which use up a lot of Syns. My first week of Slimming World though, I fully followed the plan and in 5 days, I lost 1kg. It does work for me but I struggle with discipline and I find it too easy to slip back into the habits I've had for half my life.

      I know it's my mindset that is the issue, not the diet ("lifestyle change") that I'm on. It is exactly that, a lifestyle change and that is the hardest part for me. Old habits, die hard.