Monday, 22 July 2019

Getting ready

It's Monday again! What a Monday it is as well; 26 degrees and glorious sunshine today. It is so warm and bright outside that I'm not wanting to spend much time in the house. I've got the school run to do soon but I wanted to try and get today's post out quickly because once Vala is home, we won't be spending much time inside.

This week though, is seeing me getting ready for the weeks ahead. Vala finishes school this week and is then off to her dads for a week, followed by her Nanna's for a week. We'll be Valaless for two whole weeks and in that time, I've made the vow to really push myself hard(er) to achieve some good weight-loss results. I'm hoping to get to the pool with Flynn twice a week and since Vala won't be home, I can pretty much do what I want whenever I want. There a days where I can't bring myself to Zumba because I ALWAYS have to shower afterwards and if it's too close to school pick up time, I won't even attempt it. With no morning school run either, I can take my time in the morning and have a proper breakfast where I can sit down and eat it slowly. I can then take the day at a leisurely pace and go for longer walks whenever I feel like it. Opposed to rushing out the door, doing the school run then walking to the shop and back quickly so I'm home in time for Flynn's morning nap. It's only two weeks that Vala is gone but I'm hoping to really utilise that time and be more active and eat better while she is away.

Once Vala is back though, we have a lot already planned with trips to the seaside, a trip to visit our friends who just had their baby, a weekend trip to visit my aunt/uncle/cousin and multiple play dates with Vala's school friends already pencilled in. We're going to be kept pretty busy and been out and about will keep me from overeating or eating the wrong foods. I'm hoping I'll find it easier to keep to my syns but then again, it can be difficult when doing long drives. Still, I'm feeling really optimistic about the two weeks Vala is away. I just need to push myself harder than I have been doing and to finally get back on plan. I'm heavier than the last time my aunt/uncle/cousin all saw me so I was desperate to lose a few kilos before our trip to see them. Hopefully that trip will be the driving force behind my motivation whilst Vala is away.

I'm pumped! I'm excited! I'm anxious to get started and I'm genuinely looking forward to the summer holidays now. Bring them on!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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