Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Fitness sessions on my mind

Happy hump day everyone! Amazingly, I've managed to get a blog post out on time! Crazy, right? At first, I didn't think I had anything to really blog about but I've had a few things moseying around in my noggin and figured I'd get them out in the open and on record.

So, I've been looking at my fitness situation and the walking is going well. I mean, I smashed my 25 mile walking challenge last month and snagged that sweet medal and I've already made great strides into my 50 mile challenge this month. However, in order to effectively lose weight, I need to step things up a notch. So, while I was thinking about what I should add to my fitness list, my local leisure centre posted that starting on the 26th of the this month, they're holding "Sweaty Mama" classes. That is an exercise class that you can take your baby/toddler/pre-schooler to and work out with them. That screams perfect for me! I can go get a proper workout without having to worry about who's going to watch Flynn. I'll be holding him in my arms whilst working the pounds off. I'm so pumped to get involved but I'm not sure if I can do it straight away. They say you book in 6 week chunks (1 class a week for 6 weeks) so presumably, like with Vala's after school football, you start on selected dates and if you miss one start date, you have to wait for the next. I could be wrong about that but it is something I will have to go find out about because unfortunately for me, the 26th is the same day that we're taking Vala down to her dads. Now, if the class was in the morning, it wouldn't be an issue, I'd go and workout and then we'd drive to her dads (which is 3 hours away, one way) afterwards. But no, the class runs from 1pm-2pm. By the time I got home, showered, dried and dressed, we probably wouldn't be setting off until sometime around 3:30pm-4pm. With the distance, that would see us getting home around 11pm at night; if we didn't stop along the way. So, basically the 26th is out for me. I'm hoping I could just start the following week but again, I feel like they're going to be 6 week chunks that you can't just come and go from. If that's the case, I'll have to wait until September 6th for the next round of classes.

I suppose I can wait if that's the case. In the meantime, I am seriously looking at swimming. Maybe not, proper laps or anything to start with but instead, taking Flynn swimming whenever they have free-for-all swims or parent and toddler swims. Just getting in the water and paddling up and down with Flynn is a small step up from just walking. Especially if I walk to the pool with Flynn and then home again afterwards. The only problem with that is finding somewhere safe to store the pram. There's a lot of fiddly details like that, that I'd have to work out but at least while Vala is away (which is for 2 weeks), if I try and go to the pool any time they have a free-for-all or parent and toddler class, I could end up swimming with Flynn 5 days a week. Of course, this is me we're talking about so I hardly doubt I'll go to the pool 10 times in two weeks but realistically, I'd like to get to at least one parent and toddler class and one free-for-all swim each week. To start with at least. Working things out in my head and if I do the swimming and the Sweaty Mama class when it's available to me, then I'd be at the leisure centre on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Combining all that with the walking and fingers crossed it could help give me that little extra boost to my weight-loss. If it does and my confidence starts to increase, I'll probably try and up it to either an Adults Only swim on Wednesdays or a Aqua Circuits class on Mondays. Either way, it's me trying to take a step in the right direction to lose more weight. I keep shying away from my weight-loss journey, probably because of some unresolved psychological issues, but it's well and truly time that I step up and give it my all. I owe it to myself and my family to be the best possible version of myself that I can be. I'm both excited and totally terrified of taking this next step. So, err...wish me luck!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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