Monday, 15 July 2019

"Beach" Fun.

Happy Monday everyone! We're at the half way mark through yet another month and I hope everything is going well in your lives. As per usual, our family has its up and downs but yesterday we had a pretty big up. We did something that made everyone happy and everyone being happy during a family outing is rarer than a blue moon.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the man-made beach in the town centre. It opened last Friday and will run until the new school term starts in September. We take the kids every year but this year, Flynn was able to appreciate properly and so could Vala. Both kids made a B-line straight for the "ocean" pool and despite that fact it wasn't heated water, they both had so much fun splashing about and getting soaked! A year ago, Flynn hated the water and would scream any time we gave him a shower or a bath but now he has become such a water baby that he screams when we get him out the water now. He was very much in his element playing in the pool. He wasn't too happy about coming back out of it but the joys of playing with sand soon grabbed his attention. He was covered head to toe in sand and enjoyed crawling through it. Vala had managed to make a friend and the two of them built sandcastles beside us while Flynn stuff sand covered chips into his mouth and Jordan and I enjoyed some very delicious BBQ burgers. The weather wasn't the sunniest or the warmest but it was still really pleasant to be out in. It was about 19 degrees, overcast with a cool breeze but in a way that made it feel more like a genuine beach with the sea air cooling you down on warm days. The kids were both free to do whatever they wanted without the worry of time constraints or many rules and it wasn't long until Flynn was taking Jordan by the hand and leading him back towards the water whilst I stayed with Vala making sandcastles. We stayed at the artificial beach for about an hour and a half before venturing just outside it to the rides.

First, Vala accompanied on a grown ups ride that she both enjoyed and was a little scared of. It's a ride that spins around whilst bouncing you up and down. She would cheer excitedly but as soon as the big bounces came, the small amount of air we were getting was enough to make her think she was falling out. She was very brave though, in my opinion. After that, she took Flynn on his first ever ride. Every year when we visit the beach in town, Vala always goes on this same ride. It's just little cars being led along a looping track by a train. Usually Vala wants to be in the pink Barbie car but yesterday she wanted to lead the pack in the train and she and Flynn sat together and chugged the train around the tracks. Flynn loved the ride so much that he had the first and only (minor) tantrum of the day. In his defence though, he was shattered. He'd tuckered himself out with all the running, swimming and sandcastle destroying. He fell asleep cradled in Jordan's arms as Vala went on her third and last ride of the day. With Flynn fast asleep on Jordan, we knew it was time to call it a day and come home. We grabbed Vala a quick rainbow slushy before we set off and then walked the long trek back to our car. Poor Jordan's back was killing him by the time we reached the parking lot. Once the kids were back in the car, Jordan gave me a huge hug. Normally when we go out for family trips, one or both kids gets stroppy, acts up or throws a tantrum and I usually end up getting really stressed dealing with it all and I never get to enjoy the "fun" day that I plan out for us. Yesterday though, I finally got to enjoy a family trip out along with the others. Everyone had a good time and Jordan's hug was his way of telling me that he was happy to see that I was happy and that I got to enjoy the day. I know stress-free family days are rare so I savoured every moment of the day and captured many beautiful photos. Like Flynn, I tuckered myself out and fell asleep in my computer chair for 30 minutes after the kids had gone to bed. It really was a great day and I hope we can have more days like them in the future.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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