Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Monthly Challenge: July

Happy last day of July everyone! I think I say it every post but WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! Apologies for the late post today but I've been playing the Sims 4 recently, specifically, to do the 100 Baby Challenge. It may seem silly but for this months challenge, I wanted to what so many YouTubers have been trying to do.

The 100 Baby Challenge is where you have one matriarch that has 100 kids to 100 different men. You're not supposed to use cheats of any kinds BUT this is me we're talking about so of course I was gonna cheat. I created a sexy red headed vixen by the name of Addison Drake and the baby dance kicked off with an adulterous start when she conceived a boy with a married man. Two daughters followed next, also to married men but then we got twin boys to a single man. One more son to a married man and honestly, I was sick of having to meet new dads every few days. It was also getting frustrating that most of the men she was meeting, were married. That just complicated things. So I altered the rules once again and created a handsome bachelor named Cairo to come in and father the last 94 kids. So I'm not doing the challenge as it's supposed to be done but my word, it's still taking a life time to do.

I am two real world days into this challenge and my current children tally sits at a mere 26. Most of the time I use the random name generator and get some great results like:
Maverick, Lyric, Armani, Ezra, Forrest etc. I've named a few myself: Indigo, Hazel, Josephine etc. This challenge is definitely living up to its name and I tip my hat to all the YouTubers and fellow gamers who have managed to do it properly with no cheats and 100 different dads but honestly, I just don't have the time do it properly. I probably shouldn't have left this challenge so late into the month to start but I wanted to wait until Vala was away so I had a lot more free time to get stuck into it. Naturally, that means I haven't completed this months challenge but I am quite enjoying it. Guess I'll update you another day if I actually manage to make it to 100.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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