Monday, 3 June 2019

Weight loss journey 5 months in

How are we in June already?! I don't care what anyone else says; this year is going by too fast. I mean, it feels like Vala only just started reception and yet she only has a month and a half left before the school year is over and she moves up to year one! Like, how is that even possible?!?! With time going so fast, I really feel like I don't get any time to actually stop and reflect on how my weight-loss journey is going. I guess I could say it's going...

I haven't been on Slimming World for a whole month yet but I'm already happy with the results I'm seeing. I considered doing a week three weigh-in last Friday (I know I ended up missing a post day) but one, the results weren't worth blogging about and two, we had a plumber over fixing our toilet so I was a little distracted. I always weigh-in the day before my official weigh-in day, just to prepare myself mentally and see if I can do anything extra to help over the next 24 hour period and last Thursday, despite not keeping to my syn allowance all week, I was still 0.3kg down. I was pleasantly surprised by that result. However, Friday weigh-in came and I could not get an accurate reading on my scales. I always weigh myself multiple times until I get the same result three times in a row. This is because our scales can sometimes be a little unreliable on our floors. If I get the same result three times in a row, I assume that's the most accurate result. Anyway, last Friday I couldn't get the same result twice in a row let alone three times. The number kept fluctuating by up to 2kg! I knew it wasn't possible for me to have put on 2kg overnight, especially since I had eaten well and walked a lot on Thursday. After an hour of putting off breakfast and going to the toilet twice, constantly weighing myself every few minutes, I gave up trying to get an accurate result and instead decided to use the result I'd got the day before. The next day my Aunt Flow arrived so I've put her arrival down as the reason I couldn't get an accurate result. She always leaves me quite bloated and unsettled.

Anyway, taking in week three's weigh-in, I'm now down 1.9kg (4lbs) since I began my Slimming World journey on the 13th. I've been walking a lot more since starting Slimming World and have even signed up to 'Race At Your Pace' to do a 25 mile walking challenge. Spoiler alert, walking 25 miles is my challenge for this month. 25 miles isn't a lot though and I know I can easily do it. I had originally registered to do the 50 mile challenge but since you receive a medal with the month and distance written on it, I wanted to show my miles increase over each month so dropped my challenge back to the lowest miles so I could work my way up each month. Last month, on the 16th, I started recording the distances I walked and between the 16th-31st, I walked a total of 93km (58 miles). So I know that the 25 mile and 50 mile challenges should be a piece of cake. I plan on doing the 50 mile challenge next month and the 75 mile challenge in August and so on. I'm also really tempted to sign myself, Jordan and the kids up for a local Colour Run this month. They've got a family ticket which would allow all of us to participate together. We don't have to run the 5km course and because of the kids and my bad knees, we would only be walking anyway. I'm just waiting to see if Jordan is working the day of the run before paying the fee to sign us up. I'm really hoping we can participate though as completing a Colour Run is actually on my bucket list!

So, all in all, I feel as though I'm finally starting to make progress with my weight-loss journey. Since starting Slimming World, I'm definitely eating more, eating better and eating a more balanced diet as well as getting out more and being more active. I think starting in Summer has also been a factor to me getting out and walking more. I don't mind walking in the rain but I don't think it's overly fair, to force the kids out in the rain just because I want to be active. So with the weather being warmer and dryer, it's been easier to get out for longer periods of activity. Taking the kids swimming last week though has really made me want to get back to swimming myself, though I still feel like that'll be a fair way off just due to time limitations. We'll see though. Long story short though, I feel like I'm actually finally on a proper weigh-loss journey and I feel really good about it!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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