Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Syn Struggle.

Everything was going so well. I was keeping to plan and feeling great about myself. Now though, everything is turning to poop and old habits are creeping back in. All because of weeks three and four.

The first two weeks of my Slimming World journey were great! I was eating so much and yet by my second weigh-in, I was 1.5kg down. Then Jordan had his week off work and while he was home, the number of Syns I was consuming started going up. That's because whenever Jordan is off work, we try and do fun things with the kids, usually out of the house. It was Vala's week off school as well so we were literally trying to get out the house every single day. I got good exercise that week but treats out the house were more frequent and whilst, yes, I didn't have to indulge with Jordan and the kids, I wanted to be part of the fun as well. What's fun about treating the kids to McDonalds and then sitting there eating a salad whilst salivating over fries? I said this "diet" (lifestyle change) wouldn't stop me from enjoying life and so yeah, my Syns were higher that week and as a result, my weekly weigh-in saw me lose 0.3kg; less than the previous two weeks. Then straight after my third weigh-in, Aunt Flow arrived and she bought her own baggage to contend with. Lethargy, cravings, bloating, mood swings etc. The miserable weather also didn't help because with Aunt Flow stealing my energy, the last thing I wanted to do was go push a pram out in the pouring rain. I managed to do it once though (pictured). I also had no energy or motivation to cook up big lunches and dinners again and instead opted for the quick easy meals that I used to make for dinner (low-Syn where I could) and at lunch started having a sandwich. Bread is high in Syns, obviously, so I went from having Syn-free lunches to lunches with at least 10 Syns in them. So, naturally my fourth weigh in, with Aunt Flow still present, saw me only drop 0.1kg that week. Totally demotivating.

Now we're on week five and my fifth weigh-in is fast approaching and every single day this week, I've gone over my daily Syn allowance. I'm so frustrated at myself but the last two weeks really threw me off and I've fallen back into the old routine. I can't be bothered spending over 30 minutes making my own pasta sauce from scratch when a jar of Dolmio literally takes seconds to add to dinner. Do you know how many Syns are in a single 320g jar of Dolmio Original? Seven. Seven Syns in one small jar. Now of course, I'm not having the entire jar to myself, obviously its going in the dinner which is divided by four people but once the jar is added to the meat, how are you supposed to accurately measure the percentage of sauce you get? You can't, but suddenly we're back to measuring and counting which is what I hated from my last attempt to lose weight; where I was calorie counting. I understand that the best way for me to enjoy food and not have to worry about measuring or counting, is to stick to the Slimming World recipes. I just need to get back into the habit of cooking things from scratch and putting in the extra time and effort in the kitchen. I seriously hate cooking so a meal taking an hour to cook, instead of 20 minutes, is unbelievably frustrating. However, I managed it just fine the first two weeks. Maybe, if I'd managed to get through week three without the change to daily life, with Vala and Jordan both home all week, maybe the cooking would've become a habit. I mean, they say it takes twenty-one days for anything to become a habit so maybe if I'd cooked up these big meals for three weeks instead of just two, it would've become more of a habit or a routine and maybe I wouldn't be going through this rough patch where I'm struggling to keep below twenty Syns a day. I definitely need to cut back on the sandwiches again as they're not as filling and they're high in Syns; they're just quick and easy to make for lunch which is what I prefer.

I want to get back on track and I'm hoping to get to a local Iceland store at some point when it finally stops raining cats and dogs, so I can pick up some of their Slimming World ready meals. Frozen Syn-free meals that I can bung in the oven/microwave whenever I'm too tired or lazy to cook. That way I can have a quick, easy lunch without the Syns. I also need to stock up on some decent air-tight food containers so I can bulk cook Syn-free dinners and chill/freeze them. When Jordan works late shifts, I usually end up either cooking two separate meals (one for the kids and one for us) or I end up having the same as the kids, which usually contains Syns. Bulk cooking and freezing allows me to cook up dinner for the kids, storing some of it for Jordan to have later (because he doesn't need Syn-free foods that's for sure) and then I can just heat up one of my meals. Syn-free dinner without having to cook multiple meals in one night. Did I mention that I seriously hate cooking? The plan going forward seems so easy but I honestly feel like I'm back at stage one, about to embark on my first week of Slimming World. Everyone has their slip ups, I just didn't think my first one would happen so soon. I was loving Slimming World; I was feeling so happy and positive. All it took was a simple disruption to my usual daily routine, to throw me straight back to square one. Still not going to deprive myself of anything and I'm still going to enjoy life/food but I need to focus on 'Food Optimising' again and keeping my Syn intake under control. I don't know why I've struggled with it so much this week but I have and I need to work on that. Hopefully I won't have completely screwed this week up. Guess we'll find out on Friday.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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