Friday, 21 June 2019

Step it up.

TGIF! So happy it's finally the end of the week and even more so because Jordan is off work today. Unfortunately, he is working all weekend so I'm not going to get much rest over the next two days but at least I'm getting some all important "me time" today instead. 

 Today is my sixth weigh-in day and I am incredibly disappointed with my results but not surprised at all. I maintained this week. Didn't gain anything but also didn't lose. Why am I so disappointed by that fact? Well, because I'd set myself a 6 week goal. The healthy amount of weight for most people to lose in the space of a week is 0.5kg (1lbs). Half a kilo a week for 6 weeks would see me lose 3kg or half a stone. My goal was to hit that half stone milestone this week and because I maintained and not had good losses the past few weeks, I've fallen 0.8kg short of my goal. In 6 weeks, I've lost 2.2kg (4.8lbs), which I know is still a good result but I'm really disappointed in myself that I let myself fall back into bad habits. This week alone, I've only had breakfast twice (not including today). I had breakfast yesterday and on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday I skipped both breakfast and lunch because I just didn't feel hungry and I'm too lazy to cook up/prepare a big lunch or breakfast when I'm not hungry. The meals I had at dinner time weren't syn-free either. They weren't super high in syns but they were still a step down from what I have been eating. I've just let myself fall back into my old routine and bad habits and that's why I'm not surprised that I haven't lost anything this week. There's no-one and nothing to blame but myself. I take full responsibility for my actions and admit that I messed up. 

However, I am still trying. The photo above is my breakfast this morning. Bran flakes piled high with syn-free banana, strawberry and blueberries with lactose-free semi-skimmed milk. The same ingredients (minus the bran flakes and a much much smaller portion of milk) are in the smoothie next to it. I am so full right now, I'm not even tempted to snack. I'm making a promise to myself that this week and from now on, I am going to step it up. Not just with my weight-loss efforts either, nope, because after a syn-free lunch at home, I'm going into town, finding a quiet cafe and settling in with my netbook to work on my novel. Finally! I've neglected it for so long as I said in Wednesday's post, catching up with my ex and seeing how well he is doing, has just motivated me to get off my arse and finish what I've started. I don't know how long I'm going to be in the cafe for or how much I'll get written but just by getting out the house and away from all my housewife/parenting responsibilities, I'm at least giving it a decent go. I'm doing it for me. Taking another step in the direction of getting my life back into my control. Having something to show for myself besides the fact I can procreate. To make something of myself. I've had some amazing support this week from an unlikely person. Someone I've not spoken to in almost a year, messaged me outta the blue, asking how my novel was going because he is really looking forward to reading it. I thought most people had forgotten about my novel or at least stopped caring but he proved to me that people haven't given up on me and my story yet; so why had I? He, my ex and a few other variables, have been the push I need to get out the house today and working on my novel. 

With ramping up my weight-loss efforts and putting my heart back into my writing, I definitely feel like I'm taking good steps in the right direction. I'm ready for life to be back on track. 

Until next time, 
Alli xo


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