Thursday, 20 June 2019

A complicated situation.

Happy Thursday everyone! Just a little bonus post to make up for my lack of one last Friday. As you know, my goal for next year is to get back into study through the Open University. Annoyingly, it's a bit of a complicated situation.

Jordan and I have been looking at the financial implications of me returning to study, one of which would be that I would FINALLY come off Universal Credit; something I've been desperate to do for the longest time. However, I'd then move onto student finance and the part-time option that I was originally going for would see us lose £500 a month roughly. I couldn't do that to my family so I've been hesitant. Last night though, we looked at the student finance options for full time study and amazingly, we'd only lose approximately £100 a month. We can survive just fine with that, it just means that I will have to juggle full time study with being a full time stay-at-home mum. Something Jordan has said he will help and support me with to the best of his abilities. Things like taking care of dinner, picking up the extra slack with the housework etc so that I can focus on getting assignments done. By the end of the conversation, it was agreed that I would return to study full time. That's when things got complicated.

In order to apply for student finance, I need
to provide them with my birth certificate. I don't have my birth certificate. It was lost during a house move back in 2013. So, I need to order a new birth certificate before I can register for my course and student finance. However, in order to order a new birth certificate, I have to provide certain forms of I.D. I can only give two out of the three forms they need. So I can't order my birth certificate without either two forms of I.D from List A (of which I have one) or three forms of I.D (only one form per list) from lists A, B, C or D. The two forms of I.D from list A are my Australian passport and my drivers license (British equivalent is accepted). I figured my best option was to get my British Provisional (Learners) License. Last night after out conversation, I completed the form online and paid the £34 fee but because I don't have a British passport, I have to send in my Australian passport with proof of my Right of Abode (which is in my passport). Sounds easy enough right? Well, unfortunately, when Vala was first learning to write her name, she decided my passport was a great little book to practice in. Of all the pages she could have written her name on (in pen I might add) she wrote OLOV (Vala backwards with O's meant as little a's) across my Right of Abode certificate. Now, it doesn't cover any information; the certificate is still legible but I am worried that because it's been marked, the DVLA will decline it. Jordan seems to think they won't but if they do, I'm down £34 and back to square one on how to get a copy of my birth certificate. What really annoys me is the fact I have a photocopy of my birth certificate. I don't have the original anymore but a photocopy of it was kept with other documents. I can't use a photocopy though, in order to apply for student finance, I have to send them an original document; an original birth certificate. This whole complicated situation wouldn't even be an issue if they accepted photocopies. I understand why they can't accept them but my frustrating situations makes me wish they did. I've got until December to apply for the course I want to do so hopefully by then, I'll have my provisional and a copy of my birth certificate and there'll be no more obstacles standing in my way of me returning to study. Fingers crossed though, am I right?!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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