Monday, 6 May 2019

Stage 2 Swimming

It's May Day bank holiday and that means Vala has been treated to a three-day weekend. Not sure she'll overly happy about that as she really enjoys school. Touching on Friday's post very briefly, it wasn't the most positive of topics and as promised, today's post will be a much happier one because Vala recently started stage two swimming lessons!

After nearly nine long months in stage one, Vala finally hit 100% a little over a month ago and we changed her swimming lessons from stage one on Tuesdays to stage two on Saturdays. She had a two week break whilst she was away visiting family and started back at swimming on April 20th. I think the new time, with the new teacher, after two weeks off caused her to regress a little bit as she didn't appear quite as confident as she had done in her final stage one lesson. Stage two however, is quite a big step up from stage one; more than we thought it would be. Vala had only just achieved her 5 meters front crawl badge, which was what finally help her hit 100%, and now suddenly she was being instructed on how to do proper freestyle. It was considerably harder compared to the previous stage and watching Vala, I couldn't help but feel this might be another, near year long stage for her. However, at the end of week two she was sitting at 18% which is a pretty good start. Yesterday, was her third lesson and she now sits at 27%. I'm amazed at how much she has progressed (on paper) in a single lesson. I have a feeling though that she'll breeze through the lower percentages quite quickly but then sit at around 70%-80% for quite some time. In stage one, she sat in the 90th percentile for over two months.

Regardless of how fast she progresses, Jordan and I are both really proud of how far she's come along. Even with her doing harder swim styles now, like synchronised backstroke yesterday, she still gives it her all and pushes herself. She now confidently puts her face under the water as well; something she never did in stage one. She's coming on in leaps and bounds and she absolutely loves her swimming. I can't wait to see how she progresses over the coming months.

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