Monday, 13 May 2019

Slimming World - Day One!

G'day all! Monday is upon us once more and I for one, am not feeling the sting of the Mondayitis bug today. For today is a big day for me; the first official day of my Slimming World journey!

Now, full disclosure, I was supposed to start my Slimming World diet on Friday when I signed up and entered my starting weight, however due to weekend commitments, I have waited until today to start. We had a birthday on Saturday and a family day out (including lunch out) on Sunday and for someone who was just starting out with Slimming World and still learning what I should and shouldn't eat, trying to be good when surrounded by a heap of "high-syn" foods, just seemed a little too hard to start with. So Jordan supported me when I said I wanted to wait until today to start, so I could still enjoy our weekend plans without worrying about messing up the diet already. So, whilst today is technically day 4 according to my Slimming World profile, for me, it's officially day one.

Unfortunately, I can't say it started off the best today but I am on track now. This morning was such a massive rush before school as Vala has class photos today and she needed showering and her uniform fresh out the dryer ironing etc, that I didn't get chance to eat breakfast when I should've. Instead, I had a healthy syn-free breakfast at 9:45am after returning from a walk to Tesco to pick up ingredients for a hopefully yummy and super filling lunch. For breakfast I had a small bowl of Bran Flakes with a chopped up banana and semi-skimmed lactose free milk. I did unfortunately also have an Actimel yogurt drink which is 4 syns by itself but I have one every morning so I wasn't about to cut it out. For lunch I've got a Slimming World recipe for a creamy pasta sauce. The sauce is 1 syn per serving and today I will be mixing it with tricolour fusilli pasta, bacon, spinach and mixed peppers. Sounds like a big meal but one serving of it, will literally only use 1 syn of my daily allowance. I am already understanding why so many people rave about Slimming World; nothing is off-limits. I could not believe that pasta was classed as a "free food" and that I can eat as much of it as I want! There are so many recipes that help you make healthier meals and I've already made a syn-free spaghetti bolognese that was so filling, I couldn't even finish a single bowl.

Honestly, I'm feeling quite excited and optimistic to embark on this journey and I have so much more support around me now. A mum friend from school (whom is the reason I even considered SW) has given me nothing but encouragement and support. She lent me her Slimming World recipe books and has been engaging with me on my weight-loss goals. She herself, lost over 3 stone when on Slimming World and a friend of hers has just lost her 8th stone since starting. I'm aiming to lose at least 8 stone (minimum) and if they can do it, than so can I. Jordan's mum has also been extra supportive when I spoke to her about it yesterday. She asked if I was still going to the gym and when I said no because I've been too scared to go, she said I was welcome to come up and use her gym equipment (treadmill and stationary bike) any time she's off work. She said that she'd close the doors so I had privacy and take Flynn down the other end of the house and play with him whilst I worked out. I think it'll be a while before I feel comfortable enough to do that but I seriously appreciate her offer. On the exercise front, I've vowed to take stairs from now on instead of a lift (except for when I've got the pram), dance every day and take the long way to school on the school runs, rather than much shorter direct route. Since I'm also several days behind, due to the weekend, I'm also intending on doing Zumba a couple times this week to work off the weekend calories. I want to weigh-in with a loss this Friday and I'm prepared to work for that. So fingers crossed good things come from this week. Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Alli xo


  1. Nothing *should* be off-limits. Cutting things out - be it whole macros (carbs, fats, etc) or just things you love is a quick way to fail. So this is absolutely the best thing for you! So glad you have all the support around you, that's a big thing. Just make sure you do it for yourself, not for them, and realise that if you have a 'bad' day when you've gone over your 'syn' allowance, it's not the end of the world at all. We're all human and even the greatest of fitness and health icons do it.

    Totally rooting for you - I've heard so many great things about Slimming World! I've never done it myself, but the atmosphere and support that comes with it is such a valuable thing. And yay for stairs - they need more love!
    But I will say this: be aware of syn-free foods. Those calories do still count.

    You could also try a workout plan one day - nothing too serious, mind you!
    You could visit Blogilates for some free printable Pilates workouts ( or videos (
    they're 10 minute, kit-free, bedroom floor kind of stuff, and while it burns, it *works*. Something to fit in easily before bed, or just before lunch, getting back from shopping, etc.

    Kettlercise are also really good, their Lean in 14 plan (4 DVDs and 6 workouts for £15 on Amazon) works wonders and has separate discs and workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as instructional sections. You can pick up a small 4kg kettlebell (or use a dumbbell) for about £8 in Argos, and it's a total-body versatile piece of kit that burns off a lot of fat! The best part about kettlebells is they don't focus on muscle gain; every move is explosive and is considered one of the best fat-burning workouts, just like kickboxing, because it uses and builds muscle as a side-effect with fat-burn being the priority. Plus, it's only 20 minutes of work, and it's not at all intimidating! You could totally do it!

    If it seems a bit much to combine with Slimming World, at least for now, it's definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Dancing is great fun, and anything that keeps you moving is ideal, and because this is a totally different thing, your body will get something different out of it - plus you'd get more out of your dancing, too! More lean muscle means more calorie burn during cardio and day-to-day! And I promise you: you will feel so empowered and strong afterwards, whether you opted for kettlebells OR Pilates!

    Best of luck!! Rooting for you! :D

    1. I actually have a 4kg kettlebell already and use it regularly. The reason I usually take the lift though is because I have a bad knee caused by muscle issues. When I walk the knee cap grinds against the bone as it's not perfectly centred like it should be. Using stairs causes it to be pulled to the right that little bit more and can be painful. It doesn't stop me being able to walk up stairs but usually I opt for the pain free choice. Dancing is always my go-to exercise as I used to be a dancer. Back in Australia I'd dance 4 times a week, sometimes 5 times if we were performing both Saturday and Sunday. I loved to dance had a dancers body (even the big thighs). I'm not part of a dance group anymore but my love for dance has never died, I dance more for my own enjoyment than anything else, the health benefits are just a bonus. Thank you for your kind words of support. I'm excited about this new journey and happy to finally be doing things the way I want to.