Friday, 10 May 2019

My Weight-Loss Partners: Slimming World & Acti-Labs

It's Friday again! Already, I should say. Thanks to the May Day bank holiday, my sense of time has been a bit outta whack. It feels like Thursday to me. Today however, has already been a big one for me; for I just signed up to Slimming World.

Joining Slimming World was a huge decision for me because it requires me to pay a monthly membership fee and on top of that, when you first join, you're required to pay for the first three months up front. I've joined online rather than a local group and that has a fee of £5 a week or £20 a month. Signing up though, you get a choice of a bronze, silver or gold package which vary in cost. Bronze is £60 (3 months membership) but I decided to go with gold which was £80 but also comes with two very helpful books "Food Optimising" and "Body Magic" as well as 7 issues of the Slimming World magazine. The reason I chose to pay the extra and get the two books is because a mum from school, whom I have befriended, joined Slimming World after her son (who is 12 days younger than Flynn) was born and she got the books from her local group. This week she has not only shared stories with me but she has also given me tonnes of recipes and even lent me her two books for me to read through. I feel the books are pretty valuable to have on this journey and whilst I could've just photocopied the books she gave me and saved myself £20, I thought having my own proper physical copies would be better than having over 100 loose sheets laying about. So, long story short, as of this morning, I have joined Slimming World. I am still setting everything up and trying to make sense of everything but I am nervous excited about this new journey. I've put in my current weight and my goal weight and I'm really hoping that this is it for me. That this is the last weight-loss journey I ever embark on because I stick to it and finally succeed. I've got a lot of support around me now and so many people have succeeded with Slimming World; I want to believe I can too.

Now you're probably wondering why I mentioned weight loss partners in my title and that is because I'm still planning on incorporating my Acti-Labs products into my weight-loss journey. I still intend on using their Lipo wraps which are amazing, as well as getting some more Hydraslim in to help me on my journey. I've not been using my Acti products lately, simply because I've not been living the right lifestyle for them. Lipo wraps are great for helping you slim down and lose inches, whilst firming your skin and improving its elasticity. BUT, they need to be coupled with a heavy lifestyle. Sure, I can use the wrap, lose some inches but if I keep eating crap, the fat that I melted away will just be replaced with new fat cells. Also, the more water you consume, the better the Lipo wraps results will be and I've not been drinking nearly enough water. I figured, there's no point using the product if I'm not going to help myself along with it. Lipo wraps aren't a fatness cure, they're meant to be paired with a healthy lifestyle and until I can confidently say I'm living a healthier life, I don't want to waste these amazing products. Especially not with Lipo wraps being so popular that they sell out within a matter of days of coming into stock.  Hydraslim does wonders for your body as well including: reducing bloating, boosts your bodies metabolism, reduces water retention, speeds up digestion and helps boost your energy levels. It's a pretty nifty product to have, you simply dilute 10ml in 500mls water and sip it throughout the day. I've just ordered more of it. I do love Acti-Labs products and hopefully, when I'm feeling a little bit more confident in myself, I'll even branch out and start buying things from their make-up range as well.

So from here on out, my plan is to stick to Slimming Worlds "Food Optimising and Body Magic" plan whilst coupling it with a daily dose of Hydraslim and doing a Lipo wrap maybe once or twice a week. I've got so much support around me and I'm actually feeling quietly optimistic about this new journey. I wasn't hesitant in the past to join Slimming World because of the monthly fee but everything I've read, heard and learned, has made me more eager to give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies and gents, I have no idea what kind of ride I've got myself in for.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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