Friday, 17 May 2019

First weigh-in.

Happy Friday everyone! Although, in this household, today is more like FriYay! Today was already going to be a good day because Jordan is off work and any day that Jordan is off work, is a good day. However, today has started off even better because this morning I had my first Slimming World weigh-in and I have so bloody thrilled with the results!

Now, before I tell you how much I've lost during week one, you need to remember that whilst I entered my starting weight last Friday, I didn't technically start following the Slimming World plan until this Monday, meaning, I've only been "dieting" for 5 days. In that time, I have lost exactly 1kg! A whole kilogram despite eating more food than I usually do. 1kg is 2.2lbs for anyone who doesn't use kilograms. I am so so SO thrilled with that result and because it's such a positive result, I thought I'd share with you what I've actually been eating this week...

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana and skimmed lactose free milk with an Actimel yogurt drink
Lunch: Creamy Tricolour fusilli pasta with bacon, spinach and mixed peppers.
Dinner: Same as lunch (ate leftovers)
Snacks: 2 slices of toast. Mango. Water and Pepsi Max to drink.

Total Syns: 17/20

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana and skimmed lactose free milk.
Lunch: Scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese.
Dinner: Satay vegetable stir-fry with white rice. 
Snacks: Strawberries. Water and Pepsi Max to drink.

Total Syns: 11/20

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana and skimmed lactose free milk.
Lunch: Chicken sandwich with a strawberry, mango, banana and spinach smoothie.
Dinner: Creamy chicken and bacon pasta with spinach.
Snacks: Water and Pepsi Max.

Total Syns: 10/20

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana and skimmed lactose free milk.
Lunch: Scrambled egg and bacon toastie.
Dinner: Oven-baked meatballs with aubergine, courgettes and spaghetti. 
Snacks: Alpen light cereal bar. 1 slice of toast. 1 banana. Water and Pepsi max

Total Syns: 19.5/20

Breakfast: Bran flakes with banana and skimmed lactose free milk
Lunch: Scrambled eggs and bacon toastie with a strawberry, mango, banana and spinach smoothie.
Dinner: Oven-baked meatballs with aubergine, courgettes and spaghetti (Thursday's left overs).
Snacks: Water and Pepsi Max

Total Syns: 5/20

So that has been everything that I have eaten and drank this week and after all of that, I have come away a whole kilogram lighter than I was this time last week. I still floored by that. Honestly, I was thinking I'd be lucky to lose at least half a kilogram, not a whole kilo! I haven't been doing any serious exercise either. All I've done is walk to the supermarket every single morning after dropping Vala off at school. Other than that, I haven't really done anything else to encourage weight-loss. I've done house work and still found time to play some video games. We did take the kids to the park after dinner on Wednesday night as well so that was two walks in one day but yeah, Food Optimising is the bomb! I haven't felt hungry or snacky all week. I have had major chocolate cravings and usually after dinner my usual sugar/sweets craving kicks in but that's where the Pepsi Max has come in. It's considered syn free and it satisfies my sweet craving. I still crave chocolate but I've been a chocoholic my entire life so I can't see that craving dying off any time soon. What's important though, is that despite craving chocolate, I've not had any yet. Tomorrow however, is Eurovision night and usually, following tradition, we get a butt-load of sweets, chocolates, crisps and alcohol and have a picnic on the living room floor with the duvet as we live-tweet the show. It's our tradition and I didn't want to give that up so I've found a work around. Tomorrow, we'll have a tonne of cut up fruit and I'm going to melt a little bit of chocolate to dip into. Also gin with light tonic is like 3 Syns so if I'm really desperate to have a drink, which to be honest, I'm not, I can always have one or two of them without using up all my daily syns. I've checked and the chocolate will be 12 syns so I will have allowance for a drink or two should I want it. I probably will skip the alcohol this year though. 

Anyway, that has been week one of my Slimming World journey. I am feeling so positive about this journey and I am so happy with my result from today's weigh-in. I have also enjoyed trying out these new Slimming World recipes and seriously, last night, I was SO proud of my oven-baked meatballs with aubergines and courgettes. Mainly because I have never made meatballs from scratch and never cooked with aubergines and courgettes and the dinner tasted incredible. Jordan loved it too and we're both looking forward to having the leftovers for dinner tonight. Seriously guys, I am feeling so good right now!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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