Monday, 15 April 2019

Vala's Home!

It's Monday again! ...I think. Honestly, I'm losing track of time but the calendar on my computer says it's Monday so here's my Monday post. Vala is home!

My beautiful little lady was supposed to come home on Friday after Jordan and I did the gruelling 6 hour round trip to pick her up, however, her Nanna asked if she could have her one extra day so that she could join in the annual family Easter egg hunt. Naturally, I said of course, even though it meant Vala would miss her first stage two swimming lesson. So that meant Vala didn't come home until 8:30pm on Saturday night after her Nanna and uncle did the 6 hour round trip to bring her home. Now I must admit something to you all; I was dreading Vala coming home because she stresses me out. I do miss her when she is gone and I love her to pieces but ever since the postnatal depression hit, I've found it incredibly hard to be around her. She wants constant attention, acknowledgement and praise. I'll tell her to go draw (for example) while I'm getting something done and she will draw a single thing, be that a person or a tree or a love heart etc, and then she'll bring it to me for my praise. That means, I'm getting interrupted every 30-60 seconds by her wanting me to look at what she's done or is currently doing. I'm the type of person who needs to be left to get on with a task and being interrupted every few seconds is a quick way to turn me into a dragon. Even as I write this very post, at this moment, Vala has interrupted me four times already. I love her but seriously, she makes it difficult to get even the shortest of tasks, finished. That is why I was dreading her coming home. I've been feeling more positive within myself (despite being ill) and I've been more productive. I've not been dragon mummy and I'm glad about that. I was worried that she'd come back and instantly dragon mummy would come out and we'd all end up miserable again.

Well yesterday actually turned out a lot better than I had imagined. Today isn't going the best currently but yesterday was great. Jordan was at work so it was just Vala, Flynn and myself and we had a lovely day together. We ate a good, filling breakfast together then went for a long leisurely stroll to the supermarket. After shopping we even stopped twice on the walk home to let Vala play and we took some photos and a few selfies. I wasn't stressed or angry and I was loving the time with my little Bug and Monster. When we came home Vala and I started colouring together and we ended up doing that for hours whilst watching a few films. Flynn was napping at that point so it was a really nice bonding time between Vala and I. I love the artworks we created together. When Jordan got home, he spent some time with both kids whilst I made dinner and as a cherry on top of the great day, Vala actually ate all of her dinner without any fuss! That's a rare occurrence in this household. Both her and Flynn made a mess at dinner though so ended up in the bath together. Even that is usually a stressful time for me but both kids were superstars and even I got to enjoy their bath time. It was really nice yesterday and once the kids were both dry, dressed in their pj's and tucked up in bed, I started to feel like I'd actually been a good mum. I even said to Jordan and wrote in my evening journal that I wish every day could've been like yesterday. As I said, today hasn't started off the best but there is still plenty of time to turn that around. It's only been bad because I've had a few things to get done today, like this blog post, and Vala has been interrupting me and nagging me for things all morning. Flynn hasn't helped either. He seems to be acting up for attention and deliberately doing things he knows he shouldn't do, like playing with the rubbish bin and trying to pull the rubbish out of it for example.

I have managed to get the housework I needed to do, done and this post is the last thing on my to do list. After this, I'm going to play with my kiddywinks again and hopefully turn this day around. We've got a fun week ahead of us and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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