Thursday, 18 April 2019

Holiday Fun.

It's not quite Wednesday anymore and I am sorry about how late this post is coming to you. I have been out all day with Jordan and the kids though and got home just after 9pm. For some reason, I kept thinking today was Thursday as well so my mind didn't even think about today's blog post until right this minute.

Today was a gorgeous day though, 15°c with a gentle breeze. We spent half of it indoors and half of it out. Took the kids into town and in our local Intu centre, they had a "sticker room". All it was, was a room that they'd painted white and added complete white furniture to. The staff then gave the kids stickers and told them to stick them literally anywhere they wanted. The room was full of so many bright and colourful stickers already but Vala had a lot of fun adding hers to the room as well. Flynn on the other hand, was more entertained by pulling stickers off things, which then Vala stuck back down. It was pretty fun and what was even better; it was free! Our local Intu does fun little activities like this every holidays and they're always free and open to everyone, which I think is great. There is always something new and fun to do.

After the sticker room, Jordan and Vala got milkshakes while I got a delicious Boost smoothie. We did a little bit of shopping out in the sun as well as picking up picnic supplies for a fun picnic play date Vala, Flynn and I are having tomorrow with Vala's best friend, her little brother and her mum. With everything sorted for tomorrow and after a busy day, we were all starting to feel hungry and decided with it being so nice out, that'd we'd stay out and get dinner. Went to a very busy family restaurant and oh my word, the food was delicious! Flynn polished his plate and Vala ate most of hers. It was a really nice way to end the day. So a good day today and hopefully a great day tomorrow. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain on our picnic.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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