Friday, 26 April 2019

Gaming Ventures: 26/04/19

TGIF! Hope you've all had a wonderful week and have an awesome weekend planned. My week has been very up and down and I've been attempting to find more of a balance with gaming. I've played a few games in the last week and a bit and here's what I've been up to...

World of Warcraft.

In the world of WoW, I finally managed to pick up the Xala'tath quest chain on a second character and I took her all the way to receive the "gift" from N'zoth. In my last gaming ventures post, I mentioned that it was my Demon Hunter 'Lunablade' that I was wanting to run through the quest line so that I could keep the gift on her character and cleanse it from my main. It took way longer than I anticipated but I finally got there. Lunablade has the gift and Netiri had it cleansed. I then tried to take my Pandaren Monk 'Berridew' through the quest line but unfortunately she was too under geared to defeat the last "boss" before N'Zoth so I was unable to complete the quest chain with her. It might be possible to finish if I got her item level up but honestly, I don't care enough about receiving the gift on every max character to make it worth gearing them all up. I've got it on one character and had it cleansed on another so at least this way, I'll be able to see what affect my actions will have later on in both scenarios.

I did also start to level my Kul Tiran Warrior 'Gwendolyn', but didn't actually managed to increase her level before calling it a day. The latest raid has also gone live in "Looking For Raid" or "LFR" for short and I have been kind of tempted to give it a go. I've not done any raiding this expansion with the exception of the very first wing of the first raid of the expansion. That was last year though, so in reality, I've not raided this year and whilst I haven't missed raiding at all, part of me still feels like I should complete each raid wing at least once on my main for completion reasons. Raiding isn't something I can do quickly, it takes close to an hour to complete and I've not had the motivation to raid just yet but maybe I'll give it a try this Sunday when Jordan's off work. We'll see. 

Dead By Daylight.

Dead by Daylight aka DbD is completely different from any other games I usually play. It's also pretty much the only game I play with Jordan nowadays. Which is actually why I've played it recently. I think Jordan and I played it at least four nights in row because I was desperately trying to get the character 'Nea' up to level 30. She was at level 16 when we started, I think. In the game, you can play as either Killer or Survivor in a 4 vs 1 environment. I always play survivor and admittedly, I'm not exactly the best at it. I die like 90% of the time. The game is: 4 survivors are trapped inside a creepy location (hospital, cornfields, temple, auto wrecking yard etc) and they must power up and turn on 5 generators to activate exit gates. They must do this whilst avoiding being detected by the killer who is searching the map for them. If they're caught by the killer, they're placed on a meat hook and must be rescued before their time runs out. You can go on the hook twice and survive but if you're put the hook for a third time, you are instantly sacrificed and fed to "The Entity" which is the whole reason the killer is hunting you; they want to please the Entity. The Killer is operated by another player which, in my opinion, makes the game a lot scarier because you can't predict how the killer is going to play. The more you play, the higher your survivor ranking goes up. The higher survivor ranking you have, the better the killers are, as you're paired against people whose killer ranking is roughly the same as your survivor ranking. Trouble is, your survivor rank goes up even if you don't actually survive. This is why I'm dying 90% of the time now. My rank has gone up but my skills within the game hasn't and I'm been paired against players way above my skill base. Despite dying so often and therefore failing the whole objective of the game, I still have enjoyed playing it. Mainly because I've been able to play it with Jordan and it's nice that we've finally been able to get some gaming time in together again. We have very different tastes in video games so it's rare we end up in a game we both enjoy. Dead by daylight is a very adrenaline pumping game and I last played it over the weekend. All this week, I've been more in the mood for a mellow type of game to de-stress.


Wanting a mellow(ish) game to play, I naturally turned to Subsistence and have been working on upgrading and expanding my base. Originally, I was done with my main base and was planning on building a series of much smaller bases, dotted around the map, as little hunting cabins but after some time away, I returned to my main base with fresh eyes and some fresh ideas. I had gathered quite a lot of resources from the last time I'd played and it didn't take me very long to add a whole second story to my base. I also completely changed an entire downstairs wall from wood to glass (pictured), which may sound easy, but in reality is a pain in the backside. It requires quite a lot of materials to create even a single glass panel and I needed six panels plus a door. I think it took me two real world days to gather everything I needed to convert the wall from wood to glass. It was worth it though because my base looks pretty cool now. I also did basic things like making my energy consuming devices more energy efficient and by adding more grow beds to grow more food. That's when the problems started though because crops require fertiliser to grow and that comes from ash from a fire, animal faeces or smelted potassium. Potassium ore is somewhat rare so I never have much of it and at the rate my crops are using up the fertiliser, I'm not able to gather enough ash and manure to keep up, meaning my crop growth it slow. Just when you think you've got this game figured out you do one thing that throws all your order into chaos and you've got to prioritise and problem solve and adapt your survival techniques if you do want to expand and upgrade. Jordan hates this game because it has no story or real point to it but I love it. I get to be creative and I can play the game any way I want, there's no right or wrong way to play. It's my go to game when I just want to zone out and de-stress. I can go several months without playing it and still enjoy it just as much when I finally return. I think it's a game I'll keep playing for a while to come.

So that has been my gaming ventures for roughly the last week and a half, two weeks. I've been getting better at balancing gaming though. It sounds like I've played a lot, which I have, but it's always been after the kids have gone to bed with the exception of yesterday when I played Subsistence during Flynn's nap time. The morning had been incredibly stressful and I definitely needed some chill time. It really helped and my mood was much better for the rest of the day. I don't have any set gaming plans for the immediate future, just gonna play what I feel, when I feel like it, so we'll see what happens in my gaming worlds next.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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