Friday, 12 April 2019

Gaming Ventures: 12/04/19

Happy Friday everyone! The end of the working week is here! Jordan has today off but is unfortunately working all weekend - boo! So, today he and I are working on the house. More cleaning to come, with the kids room being our priority today. There is so much clutter we need to sort through and get rid of. It's going to be a full day of cleaning today but I am hoping to get a little bit of gaming in tonight after Flynn's bedtime.

I returned to gaming last night and delved straight back into World of Warcraft. I didn't start levelling my Kul Tiran; Gwendolyn, although it was tempting to. No, instead I jumped back onto my main; Netiri and completed the recently released Xala'tath questline to awaken the old god N'Zoth. I must admit, it wasn't exactly the most interesting of story lines. It was just a case of go here, kill a couple enemies, get an item and move onto the next location, kill a couple enemies, get and item and so on. Eventually though, I managed to collect everything I needed and was instructed to meet Xala'tath, who during the questline had left the knife we found her in and taken on a mortal form, outside the new mini-raid that hasn't been unlocked yet. Entering the new raid called the Crucible of Storms, took us down to what I can only assume is the area of the final boss. Instead of a boss fight though, Knifu (as Xala'tath is called by many as a variation on Waifu) and I were greeted by N'Zoth. Xala'tath had fulfilled her bargain with him by bringing us to him. She quickly departed leaving us at the mercy of the Old God. After a normal amount of Old God rambling, N'Zoth presented us with a "gift". We're not sure what this gift entails just yet, I'm assuming we'll find out with time, but it has left this, weird yet kinda cool eye, on my characters head. Now I have two choices; I can either be cleansed of this gift and the eye will be removed, or, I can choose to keep the eye and find out what the gift is later on down the line. This is where I am torn. I give all my characters personalities and characteristics and normally, my main character Netiri would do anything to serve her king. So I honestly feel that Netiri would have the gift cleansed. The only problem is, I want to know what the gift is and I can only know by keeping it. My plan is to try and take a character through, like my Demon Hunter; Lunablade, who is more likely to keep the gift rather than cleanse it. I haven't done that yet but I'll try and make that the next thing on my WoW to do list. Once Lunablade has the gift, Netiri can cleanse it.

After the Xala'tath/N'Zoth quest line had ended, I found myself in the Darkmoon Faire. Didn't do a whole lot there, just rode the new rollercoaster twice and spent some gold getting a new water mount. Wish I could say my first night back into gaming was more exciting than that but I just wanted to keep it casual and relaxed. Easing my way back into it, if you will. Probably will jump back into World of Warcraft tonight but also tempted to play some Subsistence as well, so we'll see what happens later.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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