Wednesday, 3 April 2019

First steps, next steps and suspended memberships

Happy hump day everyone. I thought I'd spend today's post just catching you up on some big stuff that has happened in the last week. Two moments I'm quite proud of and one that's eh but not the end of the world. So first we have...

... Flynn's first steps! That's right, at the end of last month at the age of 15 months and 7 days old, Flynn took his first unaided steps. He took me completely by surprise with it as well. He climbed off me while I was sitting on the sofa, leant his back against my leg and then just walked away. Only got about 4 steps away before he sat back down but it was enough to get Vala and I screaming with joy. Sadly Jordan was at work but I immediately sat on the floor, handed Vala my phone to record and propped Flynn up against the sofa facing me. After a little hesitation he took his second unaided steps towards me and Vala being the star helper she is, caught it all on camera for daddy. Since then Flynn has been practicing his walking more and more each day and is getting a lot more confident on his feet. We love seeing him up and walking but, he was trouble before he could walk, so now we really need eyes in the back of all our heads!

Next steps is what we're looking at with Vala. Last night she FINALLY completed stage one of swimming lessons and can now progress on to stage two. It has taken nearly nine months of weekly lessons but she's  finally got there and achieved her second badge last night. She got her 5 meters on her back badge about a month ago and we've been so close to the 5 meters on her front for weeks so it was an amazing feeling for both her as well as Jordan and I when the teacher approached Vala, held up two fingers and said "you can now move on to stage two." Vala squealed and slashed around and I did a little happy jig and nearly started crying. Jordan had the biggest grin on his face. We were all beaming with pride. Vala will be starting stage two swimming lessons when she returns from her stay at her Nanna's house for a week over the term break. We're all looking forward to her first lesson.

Lastly, I have suspended my gym membership. I had wanted so badly to build up the courage and confidence to return to the gym finally but also to start swimming as well. However, the months are flying by and even on the days where I have wanted to go, there have been other factors that have prevented me from going and it was costing us too much money. We were paying for me to not go to the gym or pool essentially. So I chose to suspend my membership for now. I still do wish to return and take up swimming but with Jordan's shift work, finding time hasn't been easy and I don't think I'll be able to start going regularly until we have a normal routine in regards to Jordan's work. After all, I need someone to watch the kids while I go and with both Jordan and his mum working shift work jobs, it's pretty hard to organise someone to take care of the kids. I chose to suspend the membership instead of cancel it because Jordan is looking for new work and in a couple months, things could be totally different, allowing me allocated time to go to the gym or pool and I don't want to get stuck with another costly joining fee. So whilst me suspending my membership isn't the best, its not the end of the world and it just means some things are on temporary hold until further notice.

Feels like it's been a good week and a good start to the month. Camp NaNoWriMo started on Monday as well but I'll cover that in my next post.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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