Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter 2019

Happy Easter Monday everyone! Just a short post today as I am currently sitting in the back seat of our car, on route to Oxford to visit a friend with Jordan and one of his old uni mates. This is only the second time I'm seeing this friend and admittedly, I'm a bit anxious as I'm about 15kg heavier than when he last saw me. So yeah, feeling a tad self-conscious today.

Our Easter was relatively stress free. The biggest stress was the egg hunt in the morning. Vala had already collected some of the eggs before she woke Jordan and I up. We got Flynn up to help her gather the eggs but he didn't want to relinquish any that he got his hands on. Any time we put an egg in his basket, he cracked it. Eventually we just gave up and let him eat an egg in the middle of the room. Vala was a little over excited as well and her volume was at max. Other than that, the morning was rather enjoyable.

We had a very restful day after that before heading out to a local park in the evening, once all the crowds had gone. It was so nice, we had most of the park to ourselves and the kids had a lot of fun playing and Jordan and I enjoyed the fresh air and warm weather. We treated the kids to McDonalds for dinner as well which made them both happy. Happy kids meant Jordan and I were happy parents. Now, the kids are both at Jordan's parents while we're visiting our friend and they are going to be spoiled rotten. I think it safe to say we have had a lovely easter this year. I hope you have all had a great Easter as well.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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