Friday, 19 April 2019

A Batman Adventure

Happy Friday everyone! A happy Good Friday to you all as well. Easter is fast approaching but that also means the end of the holidays are also fast approaching as well. The kids and I have been trying to get some quality fun times in during the break and yesterday we crammed a lot of fun into the day as we had a Batman adventure of sorts.

We started the day off meeting Vala's best friend outside our local supermarket. She was joined by her little brother who is 12 days younger than Flynn and their mother, whom I've befriended from school. Together the six of us took two buses to our destination which was Wollaton Park, the home of Wollaton Hall which just happens to be Bruce Wayne's manor in the Dark Knight Rises film. Before we ventured into Batman's home however, the girls had a lot of fun playing on a big playground while Flynn slept peacefully in his pram. He fell asleep on the second bus journey and didn't wake up again until it was time for us to have our picnic lunch. It was my friend who suggested we have a picnic lunch but I quickly realised she didn't mean a picnic, picnic. She had simply packed sandwiches and some crisps in the kids lunch boxes and that was their lunch. Whereas I'd taken the term "picnic" literally and bought an assortment of food, drinks, plates etc. We sat on a make shift picnic rug (a towel) and I laid out the plates for everyone and all the food I'd bought. It really did end up being way too much food and honestly, I felt a little silly about it. Next to their packed lunch boxes, it really looked like I'd gone way overboard with our lunch. I did think we'd both be bringing picnic finger foods for us all to share though. For me, the lunch was a little awkward for that reason but I still enjoyed eating all the fresh fruit that I'd bought with me. After lunch Vala and her friend played together on the lawns outside Batman's house and Flynn and his bestie played together briefly before wandering off in different directions on their own adventures.

Eventually, we packed the boys back into their prams and made the trek up the lawn (which is a big hill). Once at the top, the kids enjoyed some ice-cream before we finally venture into Batman's home. It's pretty much a mini museum inside with each room showcasing different things from old Victorian fashion and paintings, to taxidermy animals mounted upon a wall and finally a room with a few left over fossils from a previous dinosaur exhibit that we went to with my dad when he last visited. Honestly, by this point though, I was knackered and ready to head back home but the kids were having an absolute ball looking for Batman amongst all the exhibits. Finally though, the boys started getting tired and we head back down the hill to the park where we had started our day at. The girls played again while we waited for the first of our two buses to arrive to take us home. On the bus home I felt myself starting to nod off but managed to hold it together until we arrived back at the super market where we'd met up in the morning. My feet were in so much pain, I'd definitely worn the wrong shoes for the amount of walking we did. When we made these plans, originally we were just meant to be having a picnic while the girls played in the park, there was no mention of trekking up to Batman's house, let alone going inside it. Thankfully for me, Jordan had finished work and came to pick us up from the shop so we didn't have to walk home. I passed out within 20 minutes of being back home and slept right through until dinner time. I was very grateful that Jordan let me rest and cooked dinner for us. My entire body absolutely ached though. My muscles had been put through quite a workout, pushing the heavy pram full carrying Flynn, a full picnic basket and the changing bag all day. I was out of commission for the rest of the evening but it was worth it. The kids had such a great day and despite a little bit of awkwardness and me ending up in a lot of pain, I still really enjoyed the day as well.

Today though, has definitely been a rest day for us. The weather is gorgeous outside but I woke up so stiff from yesterday's adventure that for now, we're just relaxing at home. We might go out for a walk later once Jordan is home but we'll see.

We're all looking forward to Easter this weekend and on behalf of my family, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter as well.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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