Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Nothing new.

Hello everyone, it's hump day Wednesday again and I have nothing new to blog about. My life is the same old rutty bore that it's become and I'm genuinely depressed about how dull and boring life is at the moment.

I will keep this post short and sweet because honestly, I don't have anything new to talk about. Flynn is 15 months old today and is as cheeky and mischievous as ever. Still not walking but climbing everything! Vala is doing well at school and now does football and swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons. Hopefully she will move up to level 2 in swimming soon and that will see her classes change to a different time and day. Football is also just a 5 week after school programme and she only has 2 more sessions to go. Next month she'll be starting a 6 week "Learn to Skate" ice-skating programme which she is very excited about. Jordan is being his usual lazy, set in his ways self and that has been creating some friction between us recently.

I've been actively trying to improve myself, my routine and my health to help our family, improve our lives and to try and get us out this rut we're currently in. Jordan said there were changes he needed to make as well but unfortunately I am the only one making any conscious effort to change. He is supposed to be applying for new jobs but keeps finding excuses not to and he's really not making my attempts to improve any easier by not breaking out of his old habits with things like; dumping his dirty dishes next to the sink instead of cleaning them after use. We made an agreement, whoever cooks dinner, the other person does the dishes after. Yet, every time I cook the dinner, the dishes get left and I usually end up cleaning them the next day or nagging Jordan relentlessly until he does them. It is frustrating but he keeps saying that "old habits die hard". I've not played any video games in a full week and this is the first time I've even been on my computer in five days! So it's obvious to see that I am trying really hard to make a change but unfortunately, I've got nothing to show for it. Those five days, I have been sick and cleaning the house. I've been cleaning the same three rooms every day because Jordan, Vala and Flynn do not keep it clean. They do not help make my job any easier and no matter how much I nag and cry in a corner, I don't feel I get through to them. Flynn I don't expect to be tidy and helpful obviously but I expect a little more from Vala and Jordan.

But anyway, this post ended up being longer and more of a rant than I had anticipated. I'm going to go and wash up last night dishes now. I made a slow cooker chicken, gravy and mash potato dinner that Vala had a melt down over when we made her try some. I made dinner but yet still have the dishes to wash up as they weren't done by Jordan last night. *sighs* Old habits, die hard.

Until next time,
Alli xo 


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