Friday, 29 March 2019

Monthly Challenge: March

It's nearly the end of March! Only 2 days left of the month and that means it is time for me to reveal what my challenge for this month was. Well, this month I challenged myself to try something new/learn a new skill. Now, I went into this challenge knowing that this wouldn't be my usual "yes I completed it" or "no I failed" type of monthly challenges because to learn a new skill doesn't mean there is an end goal so to speak. I did start to learn a new skill but in no way am I even remotely close to mastering it.

So what skill did I start learning? Well, I started learning to draw. I haven't even attempted to draw since my Graphics class in high school when I was roughly 14 years old. The only reason I did Graphics in high school was because it was a mandatory class in years 8 and 9. Other than a graffiti wall, I seriously can't even remember what we were asked to draw in that class. So, I went into this challenge with zero drawing skills at all, I legit had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't even really sure where to start. Ideally, I want to get good at digital art but I wasn't about to fork out hundreds of pounds on a drawing tablet when I seriously haven't the foggiest idea of how to draw. So I started with good old fashioned pencil and paper and turned to Pinterest for ideas. I wanted something really basic and came around a simple "circle person", or whatever the term is, I just call them circle people. I figured getting a rough idea of general anatomy would be a good place for a complete novice to start. So, everyday I drew the same circle person again and again and again. Practice makes perfect and I learn through repetition. I posted my first ever attempt on Twitter along with my next few attempts, hoping it would encourage me to keep going. At first it did but then one bad day is all it took to completely shake my confidence. I felt stupid and embarrassed and resisted the urge to remove the images I'd shared. I know I have nothing to be embarrassed about but I did just feel like an idiot. That only 5 days into practice, I'd done things wrong. Since then I've told myself there is no right or wrong place to start and there's no right or wrong way to learn. Everyone has their own methods and their own ideas and there was nothing wrong with what I started with or how I went about trying to teach myself. But I still couldn't bring myself to pick the pencil back up and draw again. My mood this month, as you're all fully aware, has been rock bottom low, so things like learning to draw got put on the back burner. I do fully intend on starting again though. Maybe not next month as I'll be focusing primarily on Camp NaNoWriMo but maybe in May, I'll dedicate more time to learning to draw again. So yeah, that was my challenge for this month and I'm looking forward to starting next months challenge now.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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