Friday, 1 March 2019

Jordan's 29th Birthday

Happy 1st of March everybody! Can you believe we're in March already? I swear the older I get, the faster the years seem to be going. Or maybe that's just because I have kids and I'm now a permanently exhausted pigeon and time is actually moving at a normal pace but I space out so often that it feels like I've blinked and two months have passed. Who knows! But, speaking of getting older, yesterday was Jordan's 29th birthday!

This will be a pretty short post because in a nutshell, we didn't do anything for his birthday. He worked until 7:30pm and didn't get home until just after 9pm. Both kids were already in bed and it was too late to do any proper celebrating. The kids got to give him their present before Vala went to school though, which was probably the highlight of the day. He got his birthday present from me a few weeks ago. He's wanting to learn more programming languages and to improve the skills with coding that he already has. So he asked me if I would get him a series of web books that are like a recipe guide to coding. He's had them about two weeks but been working late shifts so not really had much time to read them. From the kids he just got a big bag of chocolate. He had told me he'd be more than happy with a box of chocolates from the kids but in my opinion, a generic box of chocolates wasn't good enough. So we took it a little further, bought a gift bag and just filled it with a bunch of chocolates that Jordan actually likes. He's got enough chocolate to last him an entire month now.

Other than the gift giving in the morning, the only other nice thing he got was his favourite dinner cooked by me when he got home after work. He streamed in the evening and then came to bed with me around 1am. He was gone when I woke this morning as his shift had changed from an 11am start to a 7:30am start. At least that means he'll be home early today. Vala and I are going to bake him a carrot cake, which is his favourite. Hoping to do something nice with him, to properly celebrate his entrance into the final year of his twenties, over the weekend. Not sure what we'll do yet but knowing Jordan, he'll be happy with whatever we do, so long as we're together. I seriously love this man!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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