Saturday, 2 February 2019

Weight loss journey: 1 month in.

Happy Saturday everyone! I apologise for this post coming out a day late but I honestly thought today was Friday until I sat down to write this post. You'd think not taking Vala to school today would have twigged that it was the weekend. Either way, I thought yesterday was Thursday and today was Friday and so I am posting this a day late and for that I do apologise. There is an upside to me posting this today instead of yesterday though; for you see, it was exactly one month ago that I started on my weight loss journey...again, and I've already had some pretty pleasing results.

On Wednesday January 2nd, I weighed in at a very shameful 117.0kg. Jump forward to this morning and I weighed in at a better, though still shameful 113.8kg. That's a loss of 3.2kg (7lbs) in the space of a single month. I'm really happy with that result. Obviously, I wish I had lost more but that's just me being unrealistic and wanting to drop a lot of weight very quickly, which of course isn't healthy. But I am extremely happy with losing 3.2kg in such a short space of time, especially since I haven't really been doing any major exercise. I've used my kettle bell, weight ball and yoga mat a few times but I've not really pushed myself to exercise that much. Instead I've been doing the painstaking task of calorie counting. It's not that bad as a lot of the foods I eat have the portion kcal written on it so I can easily track what I'm consuming. The frustrating part is when I have to weigh every individual food item before it goes on my plate and then having to do the maths to work out the rough calorie content of the meal I am about to eat. I know calorie counting isn't ideal for long term dieting but since I bought myself a food journal a couple weeks back, I've found it has helped me control my portion sizes and has made me stop and think before eating.

I haven't deprived myself of anything since calorie counting either. I've enjoyed pizza, McDonalds and even ice-cream as well over the course of the month but I haven't exceeded my daily calorie limit yet. I allow myself between 1500-1800 calories throughout the week. One day I'll set myself a 1600 calorie limit and the next might be 1800 calories and then 1700 calories the next. Regardless of the limit I allow myself, I've been sitting comfortably between 1500-1600 almost every single day. Only twice have I exceeded 1600 calories (1616 and 1650 calories). I allow Saturday to be my "cheat day" and allow myself a calorie limit of 2200. According to a calorie calculator that I use to calculate how many calories I can consume to lose, maintain or gain weight, I'm allowed a little over 2200 in order to maintain my current weight. So Sunday to Friday I set my calorie limits to ensure I lose weight and then on Saturday's I allow myself a cheat day that won't see me undoing my weeks worth of dieting.

I'm still getting used to this diet but clearly it has been working for me so far. I do hope to start increasing my activity and exercise in the coming weeks but I'm building it up slowly rather than diving in head first as I have done in the past. Jordan and I have pushed our wedding date back to July 18th 2020 from May 16th 2020, which is giving me more time to get to a weight I am happy with before our big day. I'm hoping to be back at the gym or at least swimming by July this year. As long as the weight keeps dropping, my confidence should hopefully keep rising.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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