Friday, 15 February 2019

Valentines Day 2019

It's Friday! And I definitely have that Friday feeling. I also had it yesterday and you can imagine the disappointment I felt when I realised it was only Thursday. But yesterday was also Valentines Day. Now most of you probably know that I don't celebrate Valentines Day at all but yesterday Jordan and I did do a little something.

He was working all day so I spent the day doing usual stuff but just after the school pick up, my best friend came over to introduce us to his dog. His dog is very skittish and not very good with new people so there was a lot of barking from the dog and a lot of crying from Flynn. We'd finally managed to get him calm and a bit relaxed when Jordan came home and set the dog off again. Apparently he is more unsure around males than females. The barking lasted longer and Flynn cried more hysterically. The whole ordeal was quite stressful for me, despite me keeping a calm face about it. I breathed a sigh of relief when we said our goodbyes for the night and I finally got to enjoy some couple time with Jordan. I really needed it after the tense afternoon.

Jordan cooked me my favourite meal for dinner; Japanese Teriyaki chicken with rice. Well, I should say that he tried to cook me my favourite meal. He forgot to turn the heat down during the simmer time and as a result he overcooked the chicken and burnt the sauce. So I ended up with a bowl of plain white rice and chewy, burnt teriyaki chicken. The chicken still tasted ok but without the sauce to coat the rice, I couldn't finish the meal. I loved that he tried though and really appreciated the gesture. I think the fact he messed it up has made it more memorable for me. Like, remember that time you tried to cook me a special Valentines dinner and burnt it? I'll definitely look back on it with fondness. After dinner though, we enjoyed my favourite dessert; cheesecake (sorry diet) and snuggled up on the sofa and watched a film that I've seen many times but Jordan had never seen. 'The Terminal' starring Tom Hanks. I love that movie and was really happy watching it again, cuddled up to the man I love. Jordan thoroughly enjoyed the movie too and it took us right to the end of the evening. Literally, the movie finished at 12:59am. We started quite late.

So the day was exhausting and quite stressful but the evening was really nice; burnt chicken and everything. The only good thing about the stress of the day was it stopped me dwelling on the fact it was the 20th anniversary of my nan's passing. I had my cry about that early in the morning but then my mind was occupied right up until bedtime and I'm quite relieved about that. I'm grateful for Jordan cooking us dinner and trying to make it special for me. I think every year we'll try and do something special for dinner and that'll be our way of celebrating Valentines Day. We don't need to buy into the commercialisation of the day to show our love to one another. Everyday is Valentines Day when you're with the person you love. Cheesy, I know but that's truly how I feel.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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