Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Monthly Challenge: February

We're at the end of another month and my word, this month has been pretty awful to myself and my family. At least we will be ending it on somewhat of a high because tomorrow is Jordan's 29th birthday! I say "somewhat of a high" because he is working until 7:30pm so there won't be much celebrating going on but it's still a positive and I'm taking it. It's also my older sisters birthday, though technically her real birthday is on the 29th which we obviously don't have this year, so she'll be celebrating on the 28th as well. But this post isn't about birthdays, it's about the challenge I set myself for the month and whether or not I managed to accomplish it...

...Well, the short answer is no, I didn't accomplish it. Not even close.

The more in depth answer is that my challenge for this month was to finish editing the first draft of my novel. Of the 192 pages I printed out that make up my manuscript, I edited 17 of them. Yep, I didn't even manage to complete 9% of this months challenge. Of course we know there were things that made working on my manuscript a little harder, like Vala having chickenpox and my father-in-law passing but honestly most of it was neglected due to my sheer laziness. Editing is not my forté and oh my stars, it is boring! I like my story but even I struggled to read page after page of it with an analytical perspective. I just kept writing "rewrite this" over parts I didn't like and crossing out lines I hated. Not exactly the most detailed editing but whatever, it's only the first draft.

I had set myself a deadline to have my manuscript edited by the end of the month, which is tomorrow, and I didn't even come close to achieving that. But I'm not going to totally blame myself. I did send out chapter chunks to alpha readers and asked them to provide feedback. I told them all that I wouldn't start work on the second draft until I received their comments and feedback. Out of all five alpha readers I gave my chapters to, not a single one of them, in the last two months, has responded with any feedback yet. And I think not having their feedback lead me to procrastinate more. I gave myself the mindset of 'I can't start draft two until I hear back from them so me rushing to edit my manuscript is a bit pointless.' So I just didn't edit it. In fact, the total number of pages I edited in this entire month, is one. I edited a single page. Then Flynn woke up and I packed it all away again and haven't touched it since. It was after that one page though that all the bad news hit in a single week so I do have multiple valid excuses for not working on it again. I now want to get the editing done by the end of March but won't be making it next months challenge. No, I've got something else in mind for next month.

So there we have it, another month over and another challenge that goes in the "Did not complete" pile. Overall, I've had more completed challenges than incomplete so not gonna dwell on it. Can't win them all.

Until next time,
Alli xo 


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