Monday, 11 February 2019

Light Night 2019

Last Friday was Light Night in Nottingham town centre and it was our third time attending the spectacle. Light Night is where art displays featuring lights are showcase throughout various locations in the town centre. Usually there's a decent walk between the displays but there also plenty of music and food stalls to keep you going. The first year we went was incredible. Lights everywhere, it was so beautiful. Last year was a major disappointment and this year... well we're not sure because we didn't actually look.

Now I know I said this was our third Light Year and we did actually go, but we never went and saw any of the displays. We got into town a lot later than we had planned and when arrived in Market Square, Vala's attention was immediately drawn to the towering observation wheel. She begged to go on it and after delegating some funds, we joined the queue. It was worth the wait though. Vala's reaction in the wheel filled both Jordan and I with immense joy. She was squealing with excitement telling us to look at everything. Flynn too seemed to enjoy it, taking in the sights and hitting the windows of the gondola. It was a very special family moment, even if it was a little bit daunting sitting at the top as high winds rocked us.

The plan after the observation wheel was to go see some displays but Vala desperately needed the toilet and kept complaining she was hungry. Jordan and I too were started to feel our tummies grumble. There were plenty of food stalls around us but we needed somewhere with a toilet. So we ended up in McDonald's. Jordan ordered food while I took Vala to the toilet. The plan then changed to eating food then seeing some displays. But during dinner, both kids started rubbing their eyes and yawning. It was after their bedtime by this point. We decided walking to see a few displays just wasn't fair on the tired kids so once we finished eating, we called it a night.

And that was our third Light Night. We ride a fancy ferris wheel and ate some McDonalds. Next year we'll set off earlier and make sure we see some displays. If only Light Night didn't come just one night a year.

Until next time,
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