Monday, 4 February 2019

Life Update

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the start of the week is treating you well. Surprisingly, today has been going really well for me. That doesn't usually happen on a Monday. I slept absolutely terribly last night, waking every couple of hours feeling extremely hot. The bad night left me feeling extremely exhausted this morning when it was time to get up for the school run. However, since then, the energy has spiked and I'm feeling quite positive and productive. I got a Zumba work out done, ate a healthy breakfast, had a brisk shower and now I'm enjoying a low calorie Acti-Labs shake for lunch while writing this blog. I thought now could be a good time to update you all, on all the major things going on in my life.


So I covered this in a previous post, I have managed to lose 3.2kg (7lbs) in a single month. However, now I am trying to up things a little bit. Last month I wasn't very active besides going for more walks because Jordan was home and I had a walking companion besides Flynn. This month, I want to keep up with the walking but I am also reintroducing Zumba into my regime. I am quite unfit so I'm doing it gradually. For this month, I am aiming to complete a Zumba workout twice a week. Next month I plan on increasing that to 3 Zumba workouts a week. And then in April that number will increase to 4 times a week where I hope to maintain it for the rest of the year. I would however, like to attempt the Zumba 10 day challenge again in May. That's 3 consecutive days of Zumba, 1 day rest, 3 consecutive days, 1 day rest and then 2 final days to complete the challenge. It doesn't sound that hard but honestly, after the first rest day on day 4, I've not been able to push myself to start day 5. This May, I want to do it! Also May/June time is when I'm aiming to be back at the gym and/or swimming. My confidence is still low but if I manage to keep losing 3kg a month, I'll almost be out of the triple digits and hopefully that will give me more confidence to return to exercising in public. Still counting calories and trying to maintain around 1500-1600 calories a day. I did however have a bit of binge weekend this week but Saturday is my cheat day so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Today is a new day and one Zumba session, a kettlebell session, an Acti-Labs lipo wrap and low calorie, clean eating should hopefully be making a dent into any unwanted gains I may have accumulated this weekend. My mind is focused on the wedding and as long as I have that to work towards, I feel positive that I won't quit. 


Speaking of the wedding, I know the last time I mentioned it, everything was on hold until further notice. Well, since then, Jordan and I have had more than enough talks, arguments and even a couple of pretty nasty fights about the wedding and I can now say that the wedding is back on. The fights were all about money. Jordan was worried we couldn't afford the wedding and no matter how many plans I presented him, he was remaining very pessimistic. However, one night during our biggest (wedding related) fight, he realised that he has been negative about everything lately and that he has been dragging his heels in the mud for no reason. The plans I had presented him were logical and he could see that we could afford a wedding. Suddenly he was very eager to discuss plans with me and even created an excel spreadsheet to track the budget and costs. (That's how I knew he was really serious about it). We decided to push the date back a couple of months from May 16th to July 18th to give Jordan that extra peace of mind that we have enough time to save up. Plus it gives me more time to lose weight, which is a bonus for me. We've made a short guest list and went and spoke to a florist about approximate costs for bouquets and on Wednesday we might be looking at a potential reception venue. Things seem a lot more positive and smoother now that Jordan is properly on board and not focusing solely on the negatives. I'm actually started to feel more excited about planning the wedding now, which is good. 

My novel.

Honestly, I should be a lot further on with this than I actually am. Editing is NOT my thing. I thought I'd be finished editing by now and working on the second draft but I have seriously only edited 11 pages. I keep procrastinating. I completely underestimated how boring, tedious and mind-numbing editing your work actually is. I want to get it done but every time I get my manuscript out, I get a rush of lethargy and a double dose of "I can't be bothered". I sit there and stare at it and find any other reason to not work on it. I have even chosen to developed my magic system within the novel further instead of editing. I have also started drafting my idea for the sequel novel and thinking back to the short story I got two pages into writing before that idea sprouted the idea for this novel. I keep thinking, maybe I should go back to that short story and finish it. Literally anything I can find to avoid editing, I will do. I am getting angry and annoyed at myself for not being further along and I want to force myself to sit down and work on it this month. I set myself a deadline to have the manuscript edited by the end of this month. I now have 24 days left to edit 181 pages. If I can edit 7.5 pages a day, I can pull that off - but last time I sat down to edit, it took me 30 minutes to edit two pages. Still, I hold onto hope that I can knuckle down and focus.

Other future plans.

Along with the wedding talks, Jordan and I even talked about other future matters. After we wed, we'll most likely look to having baby number 3 (a 2021 baby) and then we'll hopefully be in a position to buy our first home in a couple more years. I have opened a 'Help to Save' account which rewards me for saving. Each month I deposit up to £50 and after 2 years, they'll give me 50% of what I have saved. They do that again after 4 years. Hopefully in 4 years time, I'll have saved £3k in that account, hopefully a little more than £3k in my regular savings account and Jordan will have saved too, so we'll hopefully be in a good position to buy. That's the plan at least. Jordan is also looking for a new, better paying job as well so hopefully that will speed the whole saving for a house process up a little. That said though, sometime between baby number 3 being born and us buying a house, we are hoping to make a trip down to Australia, so that could set our savings back a little bit. The trip will be worth it though. Essentially we've got the next 4 years of our lives planned out. Our plans actually work well with the "5 Year Plans" post I wrote literally a year ago tomorrow. I actually can't believe I am writing this kind of post almost exactly a year after posting my future goals the first time. I did not plan this. The only difference between our plans for the next 4 years and the plans I set myself for the next five years, last year, is that I'm not sure if I will be back in education. Of course I want to be but I've said I won't look at starting an open university course until I know it won't have negative financial implications for my family. If I was to study now, we'd be £500 a month worse off. That's quite a lot and I can't in good conscience put my family through that. So yeah, I would like to be studying within the next four years but we'll have to see what the future holds.

So those are the major things going on in my life right now. Obviously the kids are a major part of my life as well but this post was more about what's going on in my life, rather than what's new with them. I've actually enjoyed writing this post today, even if it has taken me a couple of hours to actually get it all written down. I've enjoyed it because it's made me look at everything going on in a very optimistic light. I feel good and happy about where I stand right now and it's been a while since I felt this way. So thank you for reading this long post. I appreciate everyone of you who takes the time to read my blog. I don't feel I am the most interesting person but hopefully as time goes on, that might change.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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