Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Am I a gaming addict?

Happy Wednesday everyone. Starting the day off with a question I have been pondering for a little while now. Ordinarily, I'd answer with no, I'm not a gaming addict as I can easily go days at a time without playing anything and it doesn't really effect my day to day life. Recently however, I've found myself becoming much more absorbed in a sandbox world game called Subsistence.

The game is literally just about surviving in the wild. You have to gather resources, build a base, hunt to eat, avoid being eaten by the wildlife and as an added measure, avoid being killed by hunters that eventually move into the forest with you. I don't have the hunters turned on so that I can just focus on surviving and building my base. I play with my best friend Adam and occasionally Jordan when chooses to join us. I've gotten so into playing it lately though that I've been spending all of my free time in the world. My base is looking pretty awesome for a work in progress. I have found that I don't want to do anything else at the moment except play this game. I feel unburdened in the world and free to explore and create. I started getting so absorbed into the world that I even named my character and gave her a back story. I asked Jordan and Adam to name their characters too and also give them backstories so that I can write a short story about our world and why our characters are there.

My characters is August Evans. Born April 15th 1988, August is in the forest because she is a former agent of a top secret military organisation who went rogue. Her agency wants her dead and so she fled to the middle of nowhere to live off the grid so as not to be found. (Think female Jason Bourne). A few close friends know her location and send supplies via air drop to help her survive in the wild. She believes the hunters (when I eventually enable them) are other agents who have found her and are there to kill her. She must then kill them before they can reveal her location.

Jordan's character; Roger Roamer, has a less colourful back story. Roger woke up in the forest and has amnesia. Besides his name, he has no memory of who he is, how or why he got to the forest or even why people are trying to kill him.

Adam has named his character Stephan Karlsson. Stephan was out one night, extremely drunk, when a black Mercedes pulled up and abducted him. He was stripped of all his belongings and most of his clothes and dumped in the forest with nothing more than an axe and a glowstick. His body has been pumped with a serum to help him regenerate when seriously injured, however it does cause him to occasionally lose control of his body and fall limp on the ground in a stasis like mode. His brain has been programmed with the necessary skills to survive in the wild but all memories besides going out and getting drunk have been wiped.

The forest itself, where our three characters are residing, is a privately owned piece of land that was previously owned by the secret military organisation that August worked for. It was sold on to a private investor who died in a plane crash less than 24 hours after taking over the deed. The investor, along with the deed to the land was lost at sea. The land was left abandoned and entirely forgotten about by the military. All records of it had to be wiped as part of the sale. August knew of it's location and that her former bosses had forgotten about it so chose to live there for it was unlikely she'd be found. Roger and Stephan were dumped there by two different parties, both of whom knew of the lands history and secrecy. Neither party knows of August location. The three must now survive in the wild and fight the onslaught of hunters that come to claim there lives. August thinks the hunters are after her but as Roger and Stephan can't remember their former lives, it could really be them, the hunters are after.

And as I write this, I am fully aware that I have gone off the topic of am I a gaming addict? But this is kinda displaying my point. I've become so invested in a single game that I've created an entire world and a back story for it. I've neglected my actual novel, which still needs editing, because I'm so absorbed in this game. I've been staying up late every night playing it and instead of doing housework, I've played it during Flynn's nap times as well. I've just been having so much fun playing it. At first I thought I was clasping onto something that made me happy out of the fear I'd digress back into the deeper stages of depression (which I have been getting better with) but now I feel it's something more than. It's excited my passion for writing again and world building. I love world building. I've been playing the game so much because not only have I created a world for myself and my character but I get to live in that world for a bit. So yeah, I think I might be walking a dangerous line between being a gaming addict and being just an average casual gamer. I need to detox myself from the game but my word, I don't want to. I should probably get out the house more often I think.
Once I have finished the short story however, I do plan on sharing it here so be on the look out for that.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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