Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Weight loss journey commences....again.

I think I have said these words a hundred times already in the past but once again I am starting my weight loss journey. And by start, I mean I technically started a week ago but that's just semantics. The week has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped with quite a few set backs resulting in me starting the new year dragging my feet through the mud rather than hitting the ground running like I'd hoped. I feel as though I'm properly starting my journey now.

Day one was January 2nd and I woke up feeling great. I was nervous about the huge journey ahead but determined to see it through this time. I ate healthily and went for a walk with the kids, so I felt like I started off on the right foot. I thought it would be a great challenge for myself to try and go for a walk every single day this year and that it'd be fun to photograph myself on each walk so that at the end of the year I could do a collage of all 365 walks. But my body had other ideas. For you see, I woke up on the 3rd with incredible pain in my right knee. I've had problems with this knee for years but normally they don't stop me doing anything. Well I couldn't even walk around the house. I hobbled painfully. There was no way I could go out for my daily walk and I was really disheartened by that. To top it off, my head was feeling really weird and I couldn't concentrate. I wrote last Friday's blog post on the 3rd because I had forgotten what day it actually was. I didn't know why I felt so weird but hoped it was just my body adapting to my new lifestyle.

It wasn't. I woke up on the 4th with a high fever, a body aching so much that the pain caused me to throw up when I sat up and the inability to stay conscious for more than 15 minutes at a time. I was completely wiped out. I was in tears the pain was so bad and I just wanted it to stop. I was glad that I got my blog post written the day before because I couldn't do anything. I felt utterly defeated. Day three of my new healthy lifestyle and I was sick in bed with some sort of virus. The 5th rolled around and I woke up feeling about 75% better. I was determined to make up for the day before and as a result went for a walk to the shop with the family. I regretted the decision pretty quickly. I did not have the energy for it and barely made it home. I was feeling rough for the rest of the day. But when I woke on the 6th I felt 95% better and, not learning from the day before, decided to go for a walk around the local lake with Jordan and the kids. Yeah I quickly regretted that too. I came home and napped and then felt like death when I woke up later. The rest of the night was a write off again.

However since then, I've started to be on the up. On the 7th, I started a 7-Day Shred using my Acti-Labs kit and I've not pushed myself. We've been for walks and I've felt mostly ok after. Today I woke up feeling really bleh so went back to bed once Vala was at school since Jordan is off work. I've woken up feeling pretty great actually. Annoyed that the nap lost me precious productivity hours but I feel energised and healthy right now. Determined to get on with this journey. I have turned my sickness into a positive though. Being ill completely squashed my appetite, meaning I didn't want to eat a thing. Not eating meant I couldn't have put weight on. In fact, I weighed myself yesterday and in the space of six days, I have lost 1.8kg which is a great start. Also having a smaller appetite has made it a lot easier for me to adapt to my 7-Day shred. So I'm feeling pretty positive that I can lose quite a bit of weight over the next few weeks and months. Just got to stay determined and motivated. I just keep thinking about my wedding next year as my motivation to not give up....even if last week made me feel like the universe was against me.

So here I go. Starting my weight loss journey again. Strap in folks, we're in for a mad rollercoaster ride!

Until next time,
Alli xo


  1. Good luck!! A weightloss journey and 'new you' always tricky, but it is SO worth the effort. It's most successful if you take little steps - don't try to overhaul your usual lifestyle in just a few days because you're more prone to slip-ups, and it's especially important to learn to pace yourself rather than run in head-first, especially if you're ill. I've been through it all myself, to the point of eventually under-eating and over-exercising, terrified to skip a workout in case it all came back. It took me 4 years to learn that that won't happen, that rest is JUST as important as everything else, and that allowing yourself sweet treats every now and then is also very important. Labeling any food as 'off-limits' or 'bad' is a set-up for a slip-up. Everything is fine in moderation, and the 80/20 rule works best: 80% what your body needs, 20% what you want. Happiness is important!

    And a virus - what a terrible start! But don't let it knock you, you've already gotten amazing results! But also remember that weight fluctuates, that you shouldn't weigh yourself more often than once a month and always under the same circumstances (ie upon rising, before breakfast), and that the number on the scale really stops meaning anything at all once muscle gets involved (I used to be a size 16 at 63kg. I'm a size 8 at 59kg now). But the MOST important advice is this: don't eat less, eat better! Food is fuel - it took me 5 years and excruciating bi-monthly migraines to work that out :(

    Best of luck!!

    1. Thank you Kim. Your support seriously means a lot. No one has ever used the term 80/20 to me when talking about dieting and I'm so thankful that you have. I knew to try and have everything in moderation but still always felt bad when I did indulge. Thinking about it as the indulgence as being in the 20% will probably help quite considerably with keeping the guilt at bay. Thank you. I really appreciate everything you've told me. It means a lot