Thursday, 17 January 2019

Wedding Plans

It's safe to say that we're definitely half way through January now. It's also safe to say that Jordan and I are still very hesitant to actually plan our wedding. It's the usual problem of neither of us wanting to take the lead and not really knowing where to start.

Honestly, I was hoping we'd have made some more set decisions by now and could start looking at purchasing things and booking things from next month. However, the closest we've got to planning anything is picking up this wedding planner for a few quid at our local B&M Bargains store. It then sat gathering dust for about 2 weeks before i finally took it out of it's packaging two nights ago. So far we've filled in a few generic pages and worked out that we're looking at a budget of around roughly £5,000. A number we're not enthusiastic about considering where also hoping to move house this year as well as plan the wedding. I'm already looking at ways of cutting costs.

Jordan and I just want a small, simple, laid back wedding but at the same time, we don't want to half-arse it. I had a budget, hack-job wedding when I married Vala's dad and I hated every single aspect of that day. I want a small, simple wedding that doesn't cost an arm and a leg but I also don't want a wedding like my first one. I want to enjoy the day and look back at it with fondness instead of regret. I want to do it properly. But properly means more money. It's a hard line to walk unfortunately.

Hopefully in the coming months we'll have made some more plans and actually booked some things. But with both of us dragging our feet through the mud, I'm not holding my breath. We'll see.

Until next time,
Alli xo


  1. I hope you manage on the budget. Seeg and I made do with £500 and a forest themed wedding, but we had all of 7 guests - his parents, my parents, his brother, my sister, and our closest friend - but we were genuinely over the moon with it. I wore a lovely forest green dress from my very favourite store, I made our tree stump wedding cake, and we skipped the reception (what was the point?). It was actually a really wonderful, calm day. Though I admit that we agreed we might do it again 'properly' further down the line if money permits, so that all of our friends and family can come. But as time goes by, that plan seems to be drifting away because we feel less and less like we want it.
    Your wedding day is what you make it, and in my eyes, £5000 is a HUGE budget! I'm sure you can manage. The issue ultimately comes down to the number of guests - you have to be prepared to upset people. But remember, no matter what people say, it is YOUR wedding and it should be as big or small, intimate or populated as you like. No one but the two of you matter, and if anyone is going to get uppity about not being invited, you have to ask yourself: would they be worth having there anyway? People who truly care about you are much more understanding than that.
    See how much of it you can make yourself - check pinterest and see what little accents you can make with your own two hands. Your wedding will feel much more personal that way!

    1. We haven't got a very big guest list to be honest. Just close family and friends. The number is only growing because we're inviting our friends partners, some of who have kids. We considered saying just adults so we only had to invite partners and not add more heads by inviting the kids as well but considering we have two kids ourselves, we think it would nice for them to have other kids to play with at the reception. We considered not having a reception as well but instead just a sit down meal with parents but we've got quite a few family/friends travelling across country for the wedding. My brother is in Torquay, my aunt is in Manchester, one of our friends is in Oxford and 2 members of the wedding party are in Worcester. We don't feel right having these people, who we want at our wedding, to travel all that way for a 20 minute ceremony. Unfortunately that means it's going to cost more. The most important thing in our lives are the people we share our lives with. So we want to spend the day celebrating with them. We just want it casual though so we're looking at a local pub that has a big reception room where we can all just get drunk, eat food and have party together. We're only going to do this once so we want it to be fun. Lots to work through though.