Monday, 28 January 2019

Self-care challenge: Week 4

January is almost over! Can you believe it? Because I can't. This month has flown by and if it weren't for Vala being in school, honestly, I'd probably have forgotten what day of the week it was. I think that is overly apparent by the fact I missed Friday's blog post. Don't worry I plan to make that up tomorrow but for now, it's time to check out how I got on with week 4 of the self-care challenge.

Day 22: 

Be Creative! I didn't expect to be as creative as I ended up being, if I'm honest. I decided my best bet at being creative would probably come from working on my novel's universe. And wow, work on it I did. An idea for an entirely new series popped into my head and after writing the idea out, I thought up of a way to combine that series with my current series. That then snowballed into a total 7 different series', each taking place on a different planet within my universe. Each series would have totally new characters and be a completely fresh story. However, once each of the 7 series has 3 books within them, I plan on an eighth series that combines all seven worlds in one MASSIVE story that will be split between 3 novels. After writing out all my ideas I realised that if I produced one novel a year, I'd be 52/53 by the time the final novel in the eighth series came out. So I need to knuckle down and work a lot harder to achieve that. Looking at getting a designated writing desk to work at so I can stay focused and keep everything in one place. I felt so good after my creative spike that night. 

Day 23:

Go to bed an hour early. I guess I did complete this. One of mine and Jordan's problems is that we don't have a set bed time and we end up staying up WAY too late. For the last week we've been going to bed mostly around 2am. However, this night in particular I went to bed at 12:30am. Still later than I probably should have gone to bed but a little over an hour earlier than I have been going to bed recently. 

Day 24: 

Drop a bath bomb in your bath. I was well prepared for this task. Back during my day out with my bestie, I bought four bath bombs to use throughout the month. I still had two left over. One called Goddess and one called Dragon's Egg. Both were from Lush. I was in bit of a foul mood that day so decided I needed to bring out my inner Goddess to calm the Dragon Mum I'd become. The bath bomb did smell great and was pretty but I've had bath bombs from Lush that have had a lot more wow factor before, so I couldn't understand why this bath bomb had cost me £2 more. It was still a pleasant bath though. I relaxed while listening to the WoW Dev Q&A stream. It was nice. 

Day 25:

Try some yoga. I bought a yoga mat a couple of weeks back and finally got around to using it for it's intended purpose and oh my god, I am so inflexible. I seriously struggled with it and only managed to pull off a few positions such as; Downward Dog, Cobra, Stretching cat etc. Sorry if I've given them the wrong names. After about 10 minutes of yoga, I resorted to using my kettle bell and doing three reps of planking before stopping for lunch. 

Day 26:

Do something you enjoy. Well, I definitely did this one! Jordan and I ended up staying awake until 2:30am playing video games. Specifically a game called "Viscera's Cleanup Detail". It's literally a game where you clean up grizzly massacre scenes but everything has rag doll physics. It's so easy to knock over your bucket of water, spilling more blood everywhere and essentially making more work for yourself. A single map took us 4.5 hours to complete. There's not a lot I can say about the game that will make it sound particularly fun to play but it actually is a pretty fun and addictive game. Especially when playing it with a group of friends. 

Day 27: 

On a walk, take 3 photos that inspire you. I kinda cheated for this one. In my collage, two of the photos are from my trip to IKEA yesterday and the other is from my day out with my bestie a couple of weeks back. But in all three photos, I'd been out walking and I'd took these photos because they inspire me. One is of the fantasy/sci-fi book section in Waterstones. That inspires me because I dream to one day find my novel amongst those shelves. The other two are from IKEA yesterday. One is of my dream kitchen (something to work towards) and the other is an extension of my current desk which I plan on buying either next month or in March. It will become my designated writing desk and hopefully it will motivate me to work harder.

Day 28:

Clean up your work space. This is today's challenge and I haven't completed it yet. I do plan to though. It won't take me more than 5 minutes to tidy up my desk but I haven't had chance to get around to it just yet. I will probably tidy it after finishing this post to be honest. 

So there we have it, week four complete! Won't lie, this was a hard week again because I literally did keep forgetting to check what my daily task was until sometime in the early evenings. I feel like I have lost interest in this challenge but there is only three more days to go and I'm determined to see this challenge through. You'll find out my last three days at the end of the month in my monthly challenge post. 

Until next time,
Alli xo 



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