Monday, 21 January 2019

Self- Care Challenge: Week 3

Can you believe we're moving into week four of January already? Because I seriously can't. It's like I blink and half the month was gone. I think Jordan being off work for most of the month has confused me quite a bit. Reality is going to hit hard when he returns to full time hours next month. Still, with him home, it's been easier for me to focus on me and so week three's daily self-care tasks were considerably easier to keep to. And I managed to capture all of them as you can see in this collage. But what were week three's tasks?

Day 15:

Bake Goodies and share them with loved ones. For this task, I was seriously tempted to just pick up a packet mix for chocolate chips cookies for a couple quid and call it a day; but I decided I wanted to do this task properly. So instead I coughed up over £10 to bake strawberries and cream truffle cupcakes. The cupcake is a simple vanilla sponge with pink colouring in it. The frosting was vanilla with more pink colouring but pushed inside the cupcakes for a Lindor Strawberries and Cream truffle. A strawberry on top was to complete the look. Trouble was, I ran out of icing with 8 cupcakes left and I also used the wrong piping nozzle so the cupcakes didn't look nearly as nice as I'd imagined them in my head. They tasted nice but nothing to brag about. Afterwards I kinda regretted not saving my money and simply baking the choc-chip cookies instead. Vala loved the bright pink cupcakes though so I'll call that a win. 

Day 16:

Burn your favourite scented candle. To be honest, I don't have a favourite scented candle. In fact, we didn't even have any scented candles in the house. So I went out a bought a cheap one. I've grown really fond of Lavender recently and as soon as I smelled a Lavender scented candle, I knew that was the one I wanted to take home. The candle smells nice enough but I definitely feel it had a stronger scent before it was lit. I can only smell the Lavender when I'm sitting right next to the candle. It doesn't fill the room with the mellow scent. I feel like a Yankee candle would but from what I've seen, they only do a Lavender and Lemon scented candle and I really wasn't a fan of it. It's made me more interested in finding a scented candle that fills the room and smells amazing though. 

Day 17:

Do something kind. This one I didn't even have to really try and look for and I did it from the comfort of my own bed. I was scrolling through Facebook before I'd even gotten up for the day and saw a story about 11 cats that had been dumped in alley to die in sealed boxes. I saw the video of how taped up the boxes were and instantly felt so sad for the beautiful cats inside. I saw that the animal rescue team who had saved the cats and were caring for them, had an Amazon wishlist full of things to help them take care of not only these 11 cats but lots of other cats too. So I jumped straight on and despite being low on funds now, I still bought them three scratching beds. I  knew it wasn't much it was something. They needed things to help care for the cats and it took me all of 5 minutes to do something to help them. So I counted this as my something kind for the day. I did other kind things for my family but since this act was for strangers and I don't expect any recognition or thanks, I figured this one was more note-worthy. 

Day 18:

Take a bubble bath. Ordinarily, I'm more of a shower girl but once in a blue moon I do enjoy a hot bath. That being said, I hadn't enjoyed a bubble bath in a long time. Usually my baths will include a bath bomb from Lush but I was to have a bubble bath and to my luck, I'd been given a bottle of Cranberry and Orange bubble bath for Christmas. I wrote a review about it after my long soak. It was nice but it confused my body. The lower half which was submerged in the water was very relaxed and mellow but my brain was very alert and energised after sitting there smelling the strong citrus scent. Bubbles are all well and good but honestly, I think I'll just stick to Lush bath bombs in the future. 

Day 19:

Drink more water. This task wasn't that difficult. I'm notoriously bad for drinking enough water. 6-8 glasses a day? Ha! I'm lucky if I have 2 a day. So naturally anything more than 500mls would be considered me drinking more water. That being said, I know 2L's a day is excellent for weight loss so that's what I drank. 2L of water. Regretted it later that night after waking THREE times to pee. 1am, 3am and 6am. I have bad enough sleep without making it worse by drinking large amounts of water. The following day I resorted back to my usual 500mls just so I could have a good nights sleep. I think I'll gradually increase my daily water intake though. After all, it is important. 

Day 20:

Cook your favourite meal and eat it. Again, another easy task. My favourite meal is Japanese Teriyaki Chicken with mixed peppers and white rice. I especially love the Teriyaki sauce from the company 'Street Kitchen'. It is heavenly. The meal takes a little longer to prepare than what I'd normally cook but it is so worth it. It is so delicious that in my excitement to eat it, I accidentally forgot to photograph it before I ate it. So I improvised and took a photo of the sauce packet over my empty bowl. Oh, and the meal is only roughly 421 calories so not only does it taste amazing, it's very diet friendly.

Day 21:

Watch your favourite comedy movie. This is today's task and I haven't completed it yet. But I do plan to. I just think movie watching is better left for rainy weekends or evening. So once the kids are tucked up in bed tonight, I'm going to settle down with a hot mug of Lemsip (because I'm full of cold) and enjoy the delights of Jim Carey in my favourite comedy; 'Yes Man'. Not only is 'Yes Man' my favourite comedy but it's also one of my all time favourite films. Every single time I've watched it, I've ended up feeling a lot more positive about myself and my life and more determined to put myself out there and try new things. I find it's really good for my soul. Plus it is pretty funny. I'm really looking forward to watching it for roughly the 300th time tonight haha. 

So that was week three. A lot easier than week two in my opinion but just as enjoyable. Onto week four tomorrow. I wonder what the week has in store for me.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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