Monday, 14 January 2019

Self-care challenge week 2

Week 2 of my self-care challenge has been a lot more hazy than last week. I found myself forgetting to even check my daily self care task and then panicking at night and cheating a little. By cheating, I mean I've been switching tasks around. I'd get to around dinner time and realise that I had forgotten to check my task and see that it was something I physically couldn't do at the time it was and I would switch it with a task at a later date that I could do. So I have still been completing a task a day and trying to photograph them. However three tasks couldn't be photographed for reasons I'll explain.

Day 8: 

Donate some old clothes. I decided it was time to let go of some very old clothes that I had been saving in the hopes I would one day fit back into them. Some of the clothes I donated were more than 10 years old and hadnt been worn since I moved to the UK so it was definitely time to let them go. It felt weird but good. Like I was finally letting go of my past self. 

Day 9:

Buy yourself some flowers. I am very happy with the flowers i chose. Bright, colourful tulips in a new farmhouse style vase. They've really brightened the house up and look so beautiful. 

Day 10:

Do a 10 minute breathing exercise. This is one of the tasks I didn't take a photo of as it would've distracted myself from the breathing exercise itself. I focused all my attention on my breathing and skipped the photographic evidence. 

Day 11: 

Turn phone off 3 hours before bed. Again, another task I couldn't take a photo of because I use my phone to take the photos. I also wasn't sure what time I would be going to bed but as it turns out, I did successfully turn my phone off 3 hours before bed. I did have to turn it back on at bedtime though because it it's my alarm clock in the morning. 

Day 12: 

Go for a 30 minute walk. I did technically take a photo on the walk but I didn't include it in the above collage as the photo was of Flynn sleeping in the pram. I went for a walk with both kids and my best friend and in total, we were out for about an hour. 

Day 13: 

Do something with your bestie. Me and my bestie ended up having a great day! We went to Waterstones book store and bought books and relaxed reading in the store. We went to Lush and Primark and bought goodies. We got noodles for lunch and in the evening drank quite a few cocktails. It was a great day. So relaxing. Best day this month.

Day 14:

Take yourself out to eat. This was today's task and I didn't just take myself out. I took Jordan out with me and we had a nice lunch at a local Costa Cafè. I wasn't a fan of my hot chocolate but I still bought myself lunch so that's today's challenge ticked off.

Bring on week three, hopefully I'm less forgetful this week and completely the daily tasks a bit easier. 

Until next time, 
Alli xo


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