Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Self care challenge - week 1

Happy Tuesday everyone! This post is technically coming to you a day late but I figured it made more sense to post it today to allow myself to complete yesterday's self care task. I've decided to try and capture myself completing the daily tasks however some are trickier to capture than others. I have created a terrible collage below of my first seven tasks. So here are the first seven days of my "31 Day Self- Care Challenge."

Day One: 

Go for a 15 minute walk. Completed this task very easily on new years day with Vala and my best friend Adam as company. 

Day Two:

Spend time reading a new book. Whilst technically not a new book, The Great Zoo of China is one I've not got around to finishing. And by finishing, I mean I'm barely 100 pages into the book. So It seemed like the right choice to sit back and get stuck into. 

Day Three: 

Give yourself a facial. Easy enough task to do. I have multiple face clays at home. So I had a detoxifying charcoal facial while nursing a bad knee. 

Day Four:

Spend time cuddling your pets. Honestly thought I wouldn't complete this task simply because I woke extremely sick this day. I was running a high fever, was in incredible pain and was unable to stay conscious for more than 15 minutes at a time. However by 9pm I felt strong enough to get out of bed and snuggle with our cat Midna on the sofa for a short time. 

Day Five:

Snuggle with a blanket, drink and book. Recovering from whatever virus I had, it was pretty easy to curl up in a new fluffy blanket Jordan got me, with my book and a bottle of water. I know a warm drink like hot chocolate probably would've been the more ideal choice, but my stomach could only handle water at the time. Healthier for me at least.

Day Six:

Spend quality time with loved ones. I was feeling more human so went for a long walk around the local lake with Jordan and the kids. It was cold but sunny which was quite refreshing. We all enjoyed the walk together.

Day Seven:

Compliment someone. I wasn't sure how I supposed to capture me complimenting someone but then late last night I realised I'd given a compliment to an artist on twitter earlier in the day and a screenshot is just as a good as a photo. This task was by far the easiest as, by nature, i'm very complimentary of other people. 

At the end of the fist week I can say these tasks have felt more like a chore than a way of helping me but that's mainly because I've felt obligated to complete them to avoid the disappointed of failing yet another challenge I set myself. With them being quite similar to one another as well, I don't feel that much better about myself mentally, if I'm honest. On to week two now!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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